4 Reasons Why You’re Tired Despite Having Enough Sleep

Not all sleepy heads have been busy last night. One can have more than eight hours of sleep and still feel tired all day. According to science, the person’s health and body processes may keep him from being energetic for the day.


Check out these points below and supply your body with vitamins and minerals you may be lacking.


1. You lack iron and magnesium.
Lack of these vitamins can pull your vitality down. Iron transports oxygen throughout the body through the red blood cells. Eat more kale or steak to fight iron deficiency.


Magnesium converts food to energy and improves nerve function. Muscle cramps are a sign that you need more. Remedy that with seeds, fruits, and vegetables.


2. You need to be hydrated.
Your heart has to work harder when you don’t get enough fluids and the cardiovascular process often leaves you sluggish. Fatigue comes first before thirst so you should keep a tumbler of water with you all the time. Drink at least a cup of water every hour or eat foods that are high in water content.

3. You’re under depression or obese.
Several studies have shown that obesity and depression can cause daytime drowsiness. Fat cells produce compounds that causes sleepiness, while too much sadness elevates stress hormones. Defeat obesity by exercise or talk to a therapist to conquer depression.


4. You have hormone imbalances.
A dip in testosterone can cause stamina to plummet for older women. Boost hormone levels by healthy diet and strength exercise. Constant stress can lower hormone levels because anxiety exhausts the adrenal glands that produces testosterone. Engage in activities like yoga and meditation to relieve stress.


Too much sleepiness prevents us from being productive at work, steals our time for the family, and keep us from doing our passion. Set a goal to meet the standard amount of vitamins and exercise to leave you super-charged from dawn to dusk.


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