As much as we want to make all jobs done immediately, we still need to manage a lot of things including our business and careers. Time is precious. We need to be productive every minute of the day. But sometimes, chores and household management eat our time and before we even realize, there’s no time for the family anymore! We are not perfect and we must admit that only having a helper will solve the problem. Here are the reasons why you should hire an Indonesian maid.


She helps you save up time!

When it comes to small chores like cooking, maintaining the living room, taking care of the garbage, you need someone to take care of these things by themselves. You can have a quality time with your family instead of doing this small stuff. But of course, train her personally first. You can just let her help or watch you at first and if you see her doing well, gradually assign to her heavier tasks.

She helps you organize things!

From the untidy bedroom, messy kitchen, dusty living room, we need someone to organize the house. A clean house surprisingly reduces stress! Imagine going home with tidy surroundings. You will have a clearer mind and a sound sleep. To make it all possible, have an Indonesian maid to help you. Hiring her can be beneficial in organizing everything and keeping stuff in order.


She helps you save money!

Yes, it is possible to save money by hiring an Indonesian maid. When you neglect the mess in your kitchen, the bacteria may accumulate and the possibility of diseases may increase. By hiring a maid, you can prevent hospitalization and incoming stress. Ensure the cleanliness of your home always.


We believe a happy family and harmonious work-home environment is achievable with the management of expectations and a lifestyle of learning. Eden Grace Maids Agency aspires to cater to your needs for an ideal, dependable maid. We also hope to facilitate a good working relationship through proper integration and education programmes for both parties. We desire to guide domestic helpers to achieve their life goals during employment.


“Building Lives, Building Families”