When You Have Second Thoughts About Hiring a Maid

The debate about maids being just a luxury or necessity in Singapore is still ongoing today. Some families even swear to themselves that they will try their best to manage household chores, career, and children with minimum help from others. Having doubts about hiring a stranger to clean up our personal mess and get closer to the kids is understandable. Nevertheless, if you are one of those Singaporeans who’s considering getting a help but also horrified by the maid scare stories, Eden Grace Maid Agency Singapore is here to help you rethink and reconsider!


We should hire a manpower help if we are one of these people:


1. New parents
Waking up at midnight when the baby suddenly cries, getting the extra laundry done, and sterilizing the baby’s stuff. All of these must be squeezed in into the parent’s daily schedule, on top of them working full-time every day!


Hiring an Indonesian maid | Filipino maid | Myanmar maid to either take care of the baby or do the extra chores will make everything more manageable. Aside from that, all the precious hours we’ve spent cleaning can now be used to bond with the new baby!


2. People who aren’t experts in cleaning
Let’s face it. Some of us take an hour to clean the toilet and we wonder why it’s still not gleaming clean no matter how hard we try. We drop the rags, admitting to ourselves that we aren’t the perfect cleaner. Don’t worry! It’s safe to say that some people are better in doing certain tasks than us.


Why not ask someone who was trained and skillful when it comes to cleaning? No Indonesian maid | Filipino maid | Myanmar maid is perfect but agencies such as Eden Grace Maids Agency does its best to produce quality maids to help us.


3. Family members arguing about household chores
We expect the children to clean their own rooms and have their fair share of household chores when they reach 12 years old. However, school also demands more from them as they grow old. Sometimes, we can’t expect them to do much.


Arguments can happen between couples and siblings over little things such as dirty clothes and unwashed dishes. Attain peace by getting someone who’s willing to do the laundry, cooking, and household chores. It’s not bad to get an Indonesian maid | Filipino maid | Myanmar maid to accomplish the tasks our busy family members can’t!


4. People who don’t like to clean
Studies shows we perform best when we love what we’re doing. Most of the time, the same goes to cleaning. Maybe, we are the type of people who would rather drown ourselves with business reports and career work than scrub the floor.


If you think household chores aren’t your thing but you also don’t want to put your children at risk of bacteria and diseases, then we recommend you to contact a trusted maid agency now!

5. Families who have a patient/elderly at home.
If you aren’t in any of the categories above, then maybe you belong to this. You can be good in cleaning and have a well-balanced life between career and family but you have parents who aren’t getting any younger.


Your mother’s eyesight is worsening and your father is feeling his joints failing. They need someone to accompany them when they go for a walk and help them in their daily activities. An Indonesian maid | Filipino maid | Myanmar maid can be a great help for your loved ones.


Consider hiring a maid to maintain the tidy household environment. Eden Grace Maid Agency Singapore offers manpower help that can carry out the family’s daily organizing and household chores routines. We wouldn’t have to worry about our household chores when we have someone trained and taught to take care of our household burdens!


Do contact us for a professional and fuss free service. We look forward to serving you and your family!

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