What To Do when Hiring a Maid

Have we finally decided how much we need a company to do the chores at home? Have we gone tired of the juggling the office work, taking care of the kids, and cleaning the house? Are we now hiring for a maid for the first time?


If we have ‘yes’ for a decision now, we give our readers the important things to consider when choosing a maid in Singapore and what should we do to avoid mistakes in hiring.


1. Expect something and write them down.
There are many kinds of maids like there are many kinds of people. When looking for someone to be our helper, the first question to ask ourselves is ‘What kind of maid do I need?’
– We can list them down and be specific on the attributes we want. We can give the list prepared to the agency so they can help us choose the right person for the job.


2. Know our agency’s credentials.
The chances to find a reliable maid may also depend on the credentials of our agency. Of course, we have heard of agencies that promise us good maids with good trainings.
– To make things sure, we better check the background of agencies or we can listen to our friends and relatives’ suggestions when it comes to choosing an agency.
– Some maid agencies have high turnover and some have high accident rate. Ask questions and take the stats because it will really help us decide. Do not just go for the popular but to qualified agencies. Check our Eden Grace page to view a list of variety of maids.


3. Check the nationality and the maid’s background.
To work harmoniously with our new employee, we need to know her first. When we talk about ‘knowing her’, it means knowing the nationality, her experiences, beliefs and even personal interests.
– Her nationality may greatly affect her performance or even affect our relationship with her.
– Sometimes, we want to work with people with a lot of similarities to our beliefs and ideologies.
– Her background also matters. Is she a transfer maid? That means she has experience of working in Singaporean homes. Is she a first-time maid? That means she needs to adjust but she is probably more teachable. Things like these must be asked and the answers really vary.

4. Interview her personally or online.
Talking with her will help us identify what kind of person she is. It will also help us asses her English-speaking skills. But it will not tell us all the details about her.
– Some maids are too nervous on the interview we think their communication skill is bad.
– We can request to bring her home and meet the members of our family once she arrived.
– It also matters if she is a parent or not. Some maids aren’t good in handling children because they aren’t parents first in their hometown. In the interview, we should know as much qualities about her while we can! Interviews will greatly help us decide!


We hope you found the maid that matches our needs. Now, it’s time to look forward to the lighter and better days!


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