What Parents Need to Know Before the Baby Arrives

Parenting is a big challenge for first time moms and dads. For couples expecting a baby next year, you might have attended workshops and seminars to equip yourselves with skills to take care of the baby. However, you’d wish that someone sat you down and told you the major problems you will inevitably encounter after becoming a parent. Some young couples are unready for this demanding life to come, underestimating the effort required.


We want to help young parents get ready for the challenging life ahead as parents! Eden Grace Maid Agency Singapore wants to share with you these important tips to cope with parenting and how crucial is the live-in nanny’s role in the new life as parents.


We may want to consider doing the following before the end of the last trimester of mom’s pregnancy:
1) Think about getting a live-in nanny. The biggest challenge of being first-time parents is time management. Looking after the baby, extra cleaning the surroundings, and shopping for baby supplies takes so much time, there’s not much time left for friends and career. New parents need extra hands and mind to take care of the baby. Hiring a live-in nanny who will stay with the baby 24/7 and do some housework is the best option for young moms. When it’s time for mommy to go back to work, the live-in nanny in Singapore will be there to take over the caregiver role.


Looking for a maid agency in Singapore we can trust? Before hiring a helper, the employer can ready a list of skills and traits the Indonesian maid | Filipino maid | Myanmar maid must possess. This way, the employer can have a good picture of what kind of live-in maid she must look for. Through Eden Grace Maid’s Agency, finding a live-in nanny that matches our needs is possible!


2) Get rid of clutter We must let new parents know that organizing the house and getting rid of unnecessary stuff around will become more and more difficult after the baby is born. We will give all our attention him or her and allot less time to the household chores. Before the baby comes, ask help from the Indo maid or Filipino maid in preparing a comfortable clean space for the baby. She may clean storage areas, put away old dusty furniture, and clean carpets. Employers may create a to-do list for the live-in aid to follow.


3) Pre-wash everything For precaution purposes, the live-in maid in Singapore must wash the freshly bought clothes, sterilize the newly bought milk bottles, and clean the sheets before the baby uses them. This way, when the baby has sensitive skin or sickly, the clean sheets and fresh gloves are safe to use. Remind the Indo maid or Filipino maid to wash everything especially when these clothes are hand-me-downs or bought from supermarkets.


4) Ready the postpartum clothes for mothers. We buy maternity clothes for pregnant mothers, but these would be of no use after the baby is born. On the other hand, mother won’t fit on her old small clothes! Before the baby comes, moms may get a few pairs of larger clothes she may use to while her postpartum tummy is still bumping. Sometimes, we call these outfits in-between clothes which are useful during the transition from pregnancy to a slimmer body. These clothes would be real useful after the delivery of the new baby.

5) Be a team Lastly, mom can’t do this alone. Parenting is a team work consists of mom, dad, and the live-in maid’s effort. If grandma is willing, she may help in raising the little one with good values too! All of them should have their designated tasks and schedule to follow for the sake of the baby. Don’t let parenting be the job of one person only, but let it be a family job where your loved ones can contribute to the baby’s growth and development.


We hope you find this article useful! We wish your baby a happy and healthy life ahead.


The family’s health and safety should be the top priority. Eden Grace Maid Agency Singapore offers maid services which will help us secure our children’s safety when we’re not around. The choice to hire a maid who can take care of the tiring household chores and things we cannot handle on our own will definitely be a plus point!


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