What Makes a Great Live in Nanny


Raising the children is a huge responsibility, whether you are a parent or a live in nanny who assists to look after them. Hiring a live in nanny is important decision for parents, especially when trying to understand what exactly will make the right nanny for their little ones.


Nannies can be a fantastic childcare solution for many families especially when both parents work. They are not only meeting your children basic needs but also educate, guide and love them as their own. If hiring a nanny is on your radar right now, it’s extremely important to think about what qualities to look for in a candidate.


The following are some basic attributes that all successful nannies will have.


Qualities of a Good Nanny


1. Genuine love for children
– A great nanny genuinely in love with your children. To love your kids as much as you do and must truly enjoy spending their time with them.


2. Patience
– Patience is an important quality of being a great nanny. Caring for children can be a challenge and stressful. It requires a truck of patience and dedication to deal with temper tantrums, fussy eating, bad behaviors or sleeping problems.


3. Respectful and Trustworthy
– To be a great nanny, they must know how to respect you as their employers and honor the authority you have. They not only watch over your kids, but you will have to trust them with your home, pets, your car and other sensitive information that they learn while working with your family.


4. Flexible with their time
– Flexibility is everything. Life with children can be unpredictable. Nannies that can easily adjust and adapt to changes tend to be more successful in their role.

5. Best teacher
– Nannies would make great teachers as well. They have passion and want to teach your children in many areas just to ensure that they are still getting the right educational support and guidance they need, no matter where their schooling is taking place such as tutoring, assisting with their schoolwork and helping your children to become lovely well-rounded little beings.


6. Attentive
– Nannies are the ones that automatically tune into your child’s needs. They give full attention to help children feel secure and safe at all times.


7. Responsible and Reliable
– Being responsible and reliable is of great importance. Nannies are accountable for the children and not letting you down when you need them. They must be capable of proving the best quality childcare.


8. Kind
– Kindness is more than just a social skill. A great nanny must have a compassionate heart, caring and help out when they are needed.


9. Have initiative
– Nannies must take an initiative means to take action without being asked by employer. This shows how responsible and reliable they are with their role.


Live in Nannies are professionals that provide childcare. If you looking for the best and suitable one for you and your family, make sure they have these qualities listed above to ensure that your children is taken care of and is under safe custody while you are away. Hiring the right nanny is very crucial and it is a great choice to make the life of a parent much easier. For parents, take your time and consider everything!

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