What Kind of Personality Should a Nanny Has?

A responsible nanny.
As professional caregiver must be responsible at all times. This means that she must take note of the health, safety, well-being and schedule of the kids she’s taking care of. Filipino maids | Indonesian maids | Myanmar maids  who work in Singapore must keep track of different factors that may affect the welfare of the kids. She must be willing dedicate her full attention to the children.


A kind and lovable nanny.
Nannies must have a heart for children. Choose a Filipino maid | Indonesian maid | Myanmar maid who have a pleasant demeanor and fond of children. The kids are likely to behave and take their little roles in the household if they are guided properly by loving caretakers. Maids are usually required to play with children and entertain them and so a shorter temper will not work in this kind of job.


A patient nanny.
A maid’s temper is tested ten times a day. A maid often takes the role of the employers when they are away. In the midst of household chores, children to look after, and other responsibilities, patience essential for an effective household management. A nanny must remain calm and cool in every situation she is in. A person with short patience often lose control on minimal chaos and might worsen the situation.



A playful nanny.
Being a nanny will always include entertaining children. As a nanny, you have to be playful and see the world in a child’s perspective. You have to be silly sometimes and engage with the children’s activities. This is why patience is required when dealing with kids you care for. You have to be ready to try new things the same way children want to adventurously explore the world we live in. This is a form of establishing connections with children.


An enthusiastic nanny.
Kids are flexibly energetic. They can play all day if they want to. As someone who takes care of them, we need to be as energetic and able to keep up with the children’s activities. This is also an essential part of disciplining and controlling them for the better. Enthusiasm towards a different kinds of physical activities is contagious and this will keep children bond with you as they grow up.

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