Welcome to Eden Grace Academy International, Inc.!


is a family-oriented community-based Christian school which aims to equip every child with necessary life skills and holistic education. The academy thrives to be an advocate of Christ through Christian education with academic excellence and develops irrefutable Christ-like character among its learners. Using the distinguished Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.) curriculum from US, the institution banners the slogan “Training to Reign: Knowing Jesus and Making Him Known”.

Also, the school advances by intentionally accomplishing the following purposes:

  • That every child will encounter the Lord Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior in a very special way;
  • That every child will grow in an environment of Love and Acceptance;
  • That every child is a unique being and will carry his identity with a sense of confidence and authority;
  • That every child will experience and develop trust in the Lord, the people around him, and in everything that he does; allowing him to live a life of honesty and integrity;
  • That every child will grow up to have a heart for serving the community in the best of his capabilities as he is well-equipped and trained to do what is expected of him.
  • That every child will be a great source of influence, a leader in his own right without compromising his faith, actions and ways.

Moreover, EDEN GRACE ACADEMY INTERNATIONAL believes that each individual is uniquely designed by God for his purpose. Each of us is endowed with different God-given talents and abilities distinct to our own being. Tapping on these potentials will create a correct understanding and build the identity on every student’s heart that each one of us are created in the image and likeness of God. This understanding will direct every child to his purpose in pursuing a life of excellence and a passion for the things that he/she enjoyed doing, making him accountable for everything without giving a sense of condemnation.

Further, EDEN GRACE ACADEMY INTERNATIONAL is devoted in training students to walk uprightly in the way that God wants them to go. We believe that training is a continuous process of acquiring knowledge and putting it into practice every day of our lives. We further believe that training starts from home and continues while in school and at work. Training the children is a partnership between the parents and the staff who assume the responsibility in bringing up the child to possess Godly character traits. Proper training builds up confidence in the things that he/she is doing, enables the child to go beyond his limitations, and motivates a child to excel in everything.

Finally, EDEN GRACE ACADEMY INTERNATIONAL exists for this purpose to develop our students’ holistic being (physical, mental, emotional/ psychological, social, and most importantly Spiritual aspect) with God as the center of their life so that they will become productive and useful citizens bringing about real transformation and genuine influence among others. We believe that by exposing them to mission trips, community works, and rendering voluntary services to others will allow them to see the realities of life and felt the heartbeat of God. That in everything that we do, we will choose to give our best because we love doing it for the Glory of God who dearly loves us.