Top 5 Chores We Must Prioritize

Household chores must be done regularly for the family’s comfort and health. Skipping regular routine of cleaning may result to accumulation of harmful organisms at home. This article contains the top five chores we must do first before anything else. Below are the tips you can follow in order to clean the house completely.


1. Clean the kitchen area.
We make our food, wash the utensils, and store the groceries in the kitchen. Many homeowners spend most of their cleaning time in this part of the house. The most important thing to remember when cleaning the kitchen is spotting its dirtiest part. Housekeepers must focus on the sink and the stove areas. Check for the chunks of food remains on the sink and the stove. These little food remains will cause the accumulation of bacteria. Regularly clear the kitchen of dirty dishes.


2. Clean the blinds and curtains
It is inevitable for dust to come in our house every time our windows are opened. We put curtains and blinds to shield strong winds and strong sunlight. Most likely, all the airborne microorganisms outside will stick on the blinds and curtains and we must, therefore, wash them regularly. Make sure that you follow all instructions from the blinds’ manufacturers so that your items can remain undamaged after the cleaning process. It is easy to clean our house windows with basic tools like squeegee, cloth, window cleaning solution and other supplies found in the marketplace.


3. Do the laundry regularly
Clean bedrooms don’t have piles of dirty clothes. Except from the fact that clothes smell when unwashed for too long, stains may just stay permanently on the fabric if not washed immediately. If you have little time for washing clothes, look for a good laundry service today. There are companies who can clean different kinds of fabric safely. You don’t need to worry about the quality of your clothes when you hire this type of service.


4. Service your air conditioner
Air conditioners maintain comfortable room temperature when it’s hot or too cold. Not everyone is aware of how to take care of this appliance. Removing all parts of the aircon follows a certain procedure so the unit wouldn’t be damaged. It is also recommended that we must replace broken parts of it immediately without delay. Cleaning the air conditioner will lower your electrical bills and improve its efficiency. When you are unsure of your capacity to clean the aircon well, available experts can be hired today.

5. Clean the carpet and floor
The cleaning of the floors must be done daily. Mops and vacuums are still the necessary tools we can use for this activity. When the carpets are stained or dirty, you can also bring it to a reputable laundry service for a quick effective cleaning. Some of the family members can be allergic to pollen, dust, or dirt. To avoid sickness, make sure all corners of the house are vacuumed and cleaned.


Our loved ones’ health will be the most affected if we have an untidy dirty house. Above are the chores homeowners must prioritize. We must highlight, however, that there are still parts of the house we must never neglect. Always ready the cleaning tools and supplies so we can always be healthy and comfortable at home.


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