Tips to Cut the Domestic Helper’s Procrastination Problems

Is your domestic helper getting distracted easily and cannot seem to finish one task in a given time? Is she postponing the assigned work written on her daily schedule for today? Is she doing trivial things instead of doing household chores? If the employer sees these signs on the maid today, then the maid can be classified as a procrastinator.


All the time the Indonesian maidFilipino maid | Myanmar maid has wasted inside the house equals to the employer’s wasted money. Eden Grace Maid Agency Singapore is here again to help your maid accomplish their housework in the proper order and in a timely fashion!


The following are techniques that might help you.


1.Apply the 2-minute rule
According to the book Getting Things Done of David Allen, there are little things that only take 2 minutes or less to accomplish. These tasks could be anything inside the house: washing the child’s plate after he ate, taking the garbage out, putting the keys back in the drawer, and tossing the laundry in the basket.


If these tasks are quick and small, the maid can do it now to start the household chores from small tasks first. For employers, try inserting small important tasks on the maid’s schedule in the morning like throwing the garbage out, refilling ingredients and condiments, and writing down what’s lacking in the fridge.


If done frequently, your maid in Singapore will just turn the 2-minute rule into a habit and she’ll be able to do bigger tasks afterwards.


2.Break overwhelming tasks to smaller ones
This is usually effective when there’s some huge tasks ahead like general cleaning, repainting the house, or landscaping the yard. Sometimes, just thinking about it feels too daunting. We can encourage the Filipino maid and Indo maid to start the huge task little by little every day.


For example, landscaping the yard requires a lot of time and effort for one day. The maid can divide the whole project into chunks for each day. She can start at day one by cleaning the yard and removing some rocks on the lawn. Day two can be collecting the right shrubs and planting some into pots. Day three is preparing the pathways, and so on. After a few weeks, the garden is almost finished!


3.Do what you like first
For some maids, doing the laundry is not as pleasing as cooking. The Indonesian maid or Filipino can start the day by cooking breakfast first before the other tasks. Things are easily done when we like what we do! And when we do our best on one task, chances are we’ll try to be productive on the next. The maid just needs to maintain the momentum.


4.Stick to the schedule and make use of timers
Alarms aren’t just for the morning! The Filipino maid or Indo maid can make use of alarms to indicate that the time is up for a certain task, giving her a challenge to finish her work quickly.


Schedules and planners have no room for procrastination. She needs to stick to the 9:00 – 10:00 am Cleaning Time to avoid it. However, there should be small breaks after some hard tasks to avoid draining her.

With these tips, we wish you a happier and more effective helper!


Consider hiring a domestic helper to maintain the tidy household environment. Eden Grace Maid Agency Singapore offers manpower help that can carry out the family’s daily organizing and household chores routines. We wouldn’t have to worry about our household chores when we have someone trained and taught to take care of our household burdens!


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