Tips for Working with a Special Needs Child

Being a domestic helper, aside from doing household chores, looking after children is also one of the duties and responsibilities of a helper. Taking care of a child with special needs may require a little bit more of effort from the Filipino maid | Indonesian maid | Myanmar maid. But how can the domestic helper have a smooth work experience with a child with special needs? Here are some helpful tips:


1. Interact – first time interaction with a child with special needs may be a bit challenging. But starting off with a good introduction may help. Introduce yourself and the role that you are going to play. Make eye contact as much as possible to show sincerity to the introduction.


2. Observe – some children with special needs use sensory input in different ways. They may be unable to verbalize discomfort. Their behaviour is also communication. As a domestic helper, look out for these differences and think about what the child’s behaviour is telling you.

3. Be flexible – if a child is not participating in activities, try to have some alternatives in order for them to practice and work with new activities.


4. Be consistent – consistency is always the key to achieving goals. Looking after children with special needs, it is important to show consistency from beginning to the end. Inconsistency may cause aggressive behaviour to the child.


5. Be positive – having a positive outlook when looking after children with special needs means it is easy to think of alternatives and solutions when the need arise.


It may not be easy at first to look after children with special needs, but in the long run, the domestic helper can learn this helpful steps to help make the job lighter. Still, the most important thing is having a heart in looking after children.

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