Tips for Live in Nanny: Comfortable Diaper Changing for Toddlers

Dirty diapers, when not changed on time, may result to rashes and skin irritation. The live in nanny needs to monitor if the child’s diaper is already full. However, most of the time, the nanny’s good intention results to the baby’s protest and stubborn kicking.


Babies squabble when the nanny changes their diaper because it interrupts their play time, the change in temperature is annoying, and they hate sudden relocation. How can we keep the baby comfortable during diaper changing? Is there any way to make this activity fun for kids?


Eden Grace Maids Agency is here to suggest ways on how keep the toddler happy even while changing their diaper.


How to make diaper changing comfortable for toddlers:


1) Give him a choice.
The little boy is still playing with his truck but the nanny needs to change his smelly nappy! Instead of forcefully carrying him to another place to change, questions like “Are you ready for a diaper change” or “Do you want to change your diaper now or do you want 5 more minutes?” may work for him.


As children grow, they want more control of their body, space, and time. So, to avoid nagging and tears, it’s better to ask before doing anything. It’s also more effective to lead him on the changing area instead of making him feel that he’s being pushed around.


2) Acknowledge him.
The goal of this tip is to make the toddler cooperate! To make this happen, the nanny must think about the child first and acknowledge that he’s busy playing. After that, she may make comments on whatever the child is doing, then ask him if he has noticed that his diaper is now heavy and wet.


Doing this establishes connection between the child and the live in nanny. It makes the child feel like diaper change is for his own convenience. The toddler will also be mindful of his own body which will help him potty train himself in the future.


3) Let him help you.
This is not just beneficial for the live in nanny but to the toddler himself!
The nanny can help the child learn some new things by himself like unwrapping the diaper, passing the wet wipes, and lifting his leg by himself. The strategy is to make it sound like a fun game to get the child happily involved!

Tips for Live in Nanny

4) Have a little fun before changing the diaper.
Laughter lows down stress hormones in the body. To avoid making the toddler cry when attempting to change her diaper, have a little play time first!


For example, the live in nanny can play hide and sick. When he is caught, then he’s trapped to get his bottom cleaned. There are many ways to make him laugh. All it takes is a little creativity.


We wish your live in nanny and your toddler a happy time together!


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