Three Reasons Why You Always Fight with Your Domestic Helper

Do we always have a row with our domestic helper instead of harmonious productive tasks? Are we always hesitating to trust her for the household jobs? We came up with a concise list of the possible reasons why we always fight of our domestic helper and how are we going to build a positive relationship with them. We narrowed it down to a short list of three items:


Lack of Communication
We can’t expect our domestic helper to behave exactly the way we want. Aside from the fact they are from different culture, country, and society, and grew up with different norms, they are also native speakers of a different language. Maybe all that you need is to help her break the language barrier and encourage her to reach out to you too. We can always talk to our helper openly and inform her that in case she doesn’t understand your instruction. This makes her feel that you genuinely care and that she’s not alone in this job. Take communication as your ultimate priority.

High Expectations
Come back to your lists of expectations. What if her goals and own rules don’t include in your expectations? In the early years of your employee, tell her what you expect her to do. Give her the specific job description and ask her if she has questions. Some of the usual problems in expectations are misunderstanding in holidays and day-off. Some are just about the hour we expect our maid to get up in the morning. We all have the ideal maid in our minds. Sometimes, unmet expectations give us the feeling that we’ve failed in choosing the right maid. We can think again because maybe it’s our high expectations that destroy our maid’s performances.


Style of Management
This refers to how you handle your relationship with your domestic helper and how you assist her in her job. It is possible that our helper is indeed lacking when it comes to dealing with the responsibilities. Or maybe, she has lost the enthusiasm as your helper. The experts suggest that you keep things professional instead of dealing with the problem emotionally. The best thing to do is to consult your agency and seek for advice or take time for counselling sessions for both of you.

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