How to Introduce Our Child to the New Nanny

Our children’s safety, growth, and welfare can be the reasons why we want to employ a foreign domestic helper here in Singapore. We like them to be well taken care of when we are away to work for the family. Yet, maids need to be well-bonded and have a harmonious relationship with the children. This relationship starts when we introduce them with each other.


But how are we going to introduce our child to her new nanny? As parents, how are we going to build a rapport between them?


Eden Grace is here again to suggest ways for a smooth transition of a babysitter!


How to Introduce Children to their Nanny:


Before the Meeting
1. Orient the children about the new maid
Children should be informed about what is about to happen. If we have chosen a new stay-in Indonesian or Filipino maid to do the household chores and be around our children all the time, our kids need to know what kind of person will take care of them.
Let our kids know about some background information:
– Where did the new maid came from? Is she an Indonesian or a Filipino maid?
– What is the maid’s age?
– What is her working experience before?
– Does she have a family?


2. Explain your children’s nature to the maid
Maids should know what kind of children they are dealing with. Is the child shy? Is the child clingy to her parents? Is the child naughty? This way, she’ll know how to deal with the child.


3. Give her the child’s schedule
Aside from the household chores schedule, we also need to inform our maid about the child’s schedule. This is to also arrange her other responsibilities in a way that will also be convenient for the child.
We may consider the following questions:
– What is our child’s time to go to school?
– What is our child’s time to go home?
– Is our child scheduled for other sports/music classes? What day?
– What time does the child wake up and sleep?
– Does he need to take a timely medication? If yes, what time?


During the Employment
1. Let both of them bond together
They’ll have a harmonious friendship if we give them a chance to bond with each other. Let the maid accompany the child in his favorite playground where he can play.


For toddlers, the maid can sing for him or read him stories. The little one doesn’t only develop his speech but he can also get closer to his new nanny!

2. Listen to both parties during arguments
Maids and children don’t always have good days. The child may cry, run to us, and say something against the maid. Nonetheless, we also have to hear our maid’s version of the story.


Please remember: Every conflict is resolved by listening to both parties. We employers should be the reasonable middleman.


3. Let your child do his part
An overdependent child will become an irresponsible adult.
According to the psychologists, giving children their own tasks and responsibilities will help them grow independently.
Don’t let the maid do all the work! Give him tasks he can handle by himself like tying his own shoelace or returning the toys to their proper places. This is a way of maximizing their degree of freedom for them to become completely responsible one day.


We hope your child and his new nanny would get along well!


The family’s health and safety should be the top priority. Eden Grace maid agency offers maid services which will help us secure our children’s safety when we’re not around. The choice to hire a maid who can take care of the tiring household chores and things we cannot handle on our own will definitely be a plus point!


Please contact us for a fuss free consultation with our unique personal screenings of our maids. Eden Grace looks forward to serving you!

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