The Best Way to Find and Keep a Good Helper

Finding a good maid can be done with a proper list of guidance and reminders. Keeping the good maid we have found is another issue. All of us have hesitation in welcoming a stranger to take care of our home and the family. Even relying completely to the new maid is a hard task for us.


We give employers this list that may help in choosing and keeping a good maid.


Hire the reliable agencies
Choosing a good maid starts in looking for the good agency. Accredited maid agencies have a greater capacity to give us the help we need. Not only that they train the maids better, they also have a high standard when recruiting to ensure quality of the workforce. They also have the ability to recommend the suitable one to take care of our family. We can ask for an interview in telephone or webcam to further narrow down our prospects. Weigh all the choices and by that, we can choose the best maid.


Maids need respect as much as we do
One of the common issues in the employer-maid relationship is the issue of respecting boundaries. The boundaries refer to the privacy, home duties, household tasks, and even personal lives. When hiring maid, we must treat her the same way we want ourselves to be treated by our boss. We must also keep in mind that they are our employees and not our slaves. When they are treated with respect and dignity, they will work professionally and with enthusiasm. They can even give us their best service and loyalty in their working years.

Communication is the key
Culture and language sometimes become barriers in our relationship with the maid. She came from a different place with different ways and this may hinder us from understanding her fully. When giving her instructions, make sure she understands everything before leaving the house or going to work. Other employers assume that the maid has already understood it and therefore result to misunderstanding and even worse outcomes.


Give her positive motivations
When she has done all her best for the day and we are satisfied with her performance, give her compliments. It motivates her to do better and even vanish away all the stress she feels. If her performance isn’t that good, we may want to hear explanations. Assess her performance and give her advice how to do chores better. Usually, advice and good words are more motivational than nagging.


There’s a time for work and a time for rest
Remember how our boss gives us a break from all the work. There’s a time to rest and eat but also there’s a time to work hard and do the remaining tasks we have. This is also applicable to the maid. Maybe there are times we’re not aware that we are already overworking her. Think of how we must manage her and let her rest.


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