The 7 Things the Employer Wants the Helper to Know

Every household with domestic helper have their own set of rules. Some Singaporeans don’t like their helpers to use handphones, have offdays, or they set curfews to limit the helper’s social activities. We understand that these regulations are for the welfare of the family and the helpers.


In this article, Eden Grace Maid Agency Singapore wants to give emphasis on these general rules as a reminder for the Indonesian maids / Filipino maids or Myanmar Maids in Singapore. Here are 7 things the employer wants to say to their helpers:


1. “If you made a mistake, let us know honestly.”
Maids may break your favorite porcelain while cleaning or they may accidentally leave your belongings in your jeans’ pocket inside the washing machine. Mistakes are inevitable but in case a Filipino maid or an Indonesian maid committed one, she must tell her employer immediately about it. Everyone doesn’t like losing things or damaging their belongings without their knowledge.


Always stress this quote to your maid for her to be mindful of her way of doing household chores. Encourage your maid to report to you immediately if something happens!


2. “If there’s so many things to do, let us know so we can work it out for you.”
Sometimes, the lists of tasks would be very overwhelming and the employer must rely on the Filipino maid’s capacity to manage her time. When the maid cannot take care of the toddler properly anymore because of too much workload, the maid must tell the struggle to the employer.


Household affairs aren’t for the employer alone nor for the maid alone. Both must give effort to work things out. Indonesian maids and Filipino maids should remember that telling their employer the truth is always better than doing things alone.


3. “Do not compare yourself with other maids.”
Some employers see danger in knowing that their maid is mingling with other maids outside. One of the reasons why is because they don’t want comparison to happen between maids. Maid’s rules vary because employer’s strictness and tolerance also varies! The usage of handphones can be allowed to one employer but not to others. The rules about offdays can be different for the other helpers too.


Some employers can’t afford to risk their baby’s safety so they don’t allow maids to have handphones or have offdays every week. It can depend on the amount of responsibilities entrusted to the maid.


Comparing with other maids often leads to misunderstandings and a lot of demands coming from the maid.


4. “Try to take note all the things that we taught you.”
Training a maid can be taxing for employers. So, when it comes to those precious moments when the employer gave her time to teach the Indonesian maid or Filipino maid, the maid must listen intently and take note of all the employer’s instructions. Maids must get the most out of the cooking sessions and trainings she had with her employer. Learning time is also remembering time!

5. “Tell us if you are confused or don’t know what to do.”
Confusion starts when commands come from 2 people or more in the family. The employer asked the Filipino maid to do the cleaning this way but ah ma wants to do it in another way. It is important for the maid to inform the employer if the maid feels like the instructions are not clear. Also, miscommunications can easily happen between people who speak different languages too.


There are also relevant situations that requires the attention of the employer. When the child is sick or a visitor has arrived, she doesn’t need to think twice and must tell the employer immediately.


6. “Do inform us if you go out during your offday.”
Even family members do this at home! Maids, when they go out to have an offday, should inform their employer before going out. This is also for the safety of the maids themselves.


A maid should also dress properly and decently when going out. She must refrain from wearing low cut tops and shorts indoors and outdoors. She must refrain from talking to men as much as possible! Distractions and problems happen when she starts having relationship with men while working as a domestic helper.


7. “The children come first before other chores.”
Family members are still the priority of the household. Most employers want their Filipino nannies and Indonesian nannies to watch their children closely while they are playing at the playground or in the house. Accidents can happen and employers cannot let cooking, mopping, or any chores hinder the maid from taking care of the child.


Wise helpers know that the best way to do chores is when the kids are asleep or when they are in school. Rules like holding the children’s hand while crossing the road and telling to the employer if the child needs to be disciplined is also a must!


With these tips, we wish you a good harmonious relationship with your domestic helper!


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