The 5 Reasons Why Maids Quit

Every job is full of challenges and trials. We, ourselves, need to adjust in our workplace and be in harmony with our workmates to survive. The same goes for the Filipino maids | Indonesian maids | Myanmar maids in Singapore. Factors after factors are causing them to transfer employer and pack-up. But why? The, once, enthusiastic girl you met on Skype/WhatsApp who told you that she’ll do her best to take care of the household and children while you’re away is now sobbing away out of the apartment’s door.


Is there someone to blame? We can’t really tell. Maids terminating their contract could be because of personal reasons like spouses breaking up or the maid’s children getting sick. However, most of the reasons why the maid quit is under the control of the employer. So, don’t feel bad and grab a pen and take note of the following.


Eden Grace Maids wants to give you the possible reasons why the live-in maids suddenly became quitters:


1. Poor maid management
This goes first in the list because knowing how to manage a maid is a basic need for employers to keep the maid.


Have you been in a situation where you’re just in a static mode of waiting but you want the Indonesian maid to take initiative and finish the task in a specific time and in a specific way? Unfortunately, maids aren’t mind readers. Most of the time, they need someone to guide them and instruct them to satisfy the employers.


When they have a schedule of task for the week, a list of menus to cook, and a time table to keep track of the children’s schedule, there is a greater chance that the maid will stay in your house.
Good maid management can increase the retention rate of the domestic helpers in Singapore.


2. Demanding Workloads
Some agency came across maids who have fallen ill because of the demanding workloads, as demanding as cleaning 2 houses every day, or working in their employer’s business then going to their employer’s house to do household chores again. These maids may have a good relationship with their employer but will eventually decide to quit because of too much work.

3. Changing the job descriptions
In some unfortunate situations, the Filipino maid or Indonesian maid has to do tasks that aren’t included in their job description. Duties should be outlined even before the maids enter the training and both the maid and the employer must agree in the job scope.


Some maids have only limited skills. That is why the employer’s job description has to be fixed and ready for the agents to find a matching maid.


We cannot let the nanny take care of a bedridden elderly when she was only trained for childcare. Unless, she has experience and proper training in elderly care too. This is also for the safety of your loved one!


4. Homesickness
Living in someone else’s house for two years is difficult, especially for someone who is also socially isolated throughout the day. As employers, we have to reach out to the maid in order to ease the cabin fever she is feeling.


Employers may allow nannies to establish a safe social circle in Singapore to improve her working mood! This is when offdays can be put into good use. Eden Grace Maids Agency found a way to decrease the chances of your maid falling into bad company. We integrate the maids with Sunday church program and outings to provide for them a conducive environment to make friends. If the maid misses her family back home, then we can let her create a new one.


5. Miscommunication
A lot of people lose their job because of miscommunication. This usually happens between Indonesian or Filipino maids and their Chinese employer. It can either be the maid isn’t good enough in English or the employer can only speak Chinese.


Interviews play a crucial role in the hiring process. This is the opportunity for the employer to assess the maid’s English speaking skills and communication.


We hope you and your maid are having a healthy employer-employee relationship. May these tips help you in your hiring!


Eden Grace Maids Agency aims to bring useful tips in every situation. The agency is our helping hand not only through maid services but also through giving us necessary information that can remedy our household problems.


Do contact us for a professional and fuss free service. We look forward to serving you and your family!

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