The 3 How-Tos when Taking Care of Dogs

Your dog is not only a man’s best friend. Dogs are very loyal pets, protective to their master, and are very devoted companions. Some parents choose to adopt puppies to train their children to be responsible! Concerned family members also get dogs to guide their loved one who has disabilities. Raising a furry friend, truly, has a lot of perks to experience. But, dogs need some love and care in return.
If you’re one of those employers who needs someone to assist you in taking care of your puppies, Eden Grace Maids Agency has Filipino helpers and Indonesian helpers to do the basic dog health responsibilities like grooming, feeding, exercise, and sending them for vet’s check-ups.


Here are the basic pet care guides for your maid in Singapore:


1. How to clean dog ears.
No matter how cute that fluffy dog is, it will still bite you when it feels confused and frightened. The Indonesian maid must prepare comfortable muzzle, appropriate ear cleaning solution recommended by a trusted veterinarian, and rubber gloves.
– Scrub your hands well for at least 30 seconds, making sure your nails are clear and short.
– Put the dog in a comfortable position while you are behind its shoulders to clean its ears from its back. This protects you from sudden bites when you touch its ears.
– Gently squirt the cleaning solution into the dog’s ears and be prepared for the dog’s panic and forceful shaking of its head.
– Massage the fluid into the dog’s ears using your glove-covered hands. By doing that, you are calming him down while spreading the solution throughout the dog’s ears.
– Grab a clean cotton balls and remove the excess fluid very carefully.
It’s actually not that difficult! The ear cleaning is more like bonding time than a medical treatment.


2. How to brush your dog.
It is important to understand the type of coat the dog has before choosing what brush to use. The breed of the dog, of course, dictates its type of hair. Brushing must be done regularly as a part of maintaining their hygiene.
– Use a pin brush for doggies with long hair. This has bent-wire bristles that protect the dog from pain while removing the dirt and loose hairs. On the other hand, use a slicker brush for wiry hairs.
– Labradors, retrievers, and greyhounds don’t need too much brushing.
– Start brushing away from the dog’s skin and always brush according to how the coat grows.
– Don’t be in a hurry! We know how painful it is to comb a tangled hair harshly. Be slow and gentle and never pull or stretch the dog’s hair.
– Comb downwards. Take time to untangle snarls of hair to reduce the pain of combing.
Regular grooming makes your dog happy and more comfortable in its coat!

How to clean the dog’s teeth

3. How to clean the dog’s teeth.
The pup needs dental care as much as you do. They are also prone to tooth decays, tartars, and plaques. They can’t verbally tell us how much it hurts but they will chew on your furniture and shoes to ease the pain. Here are some tips to clean the dog’s teeth:
– Get the right toothpaste first with the help of your veterinarian. Always remember the human’s toothpaste is not appropriate for the dog’s use.
– Stand behind the dog’s shoulder and reach its mouth with your glove-covered hands. Get ready for the confused dog’s reaction and gently pull the lips away from its teeth with one hand and hold the toothbrush with another.
– Scrub the teeth thoroughly. As long as your dog toothpaste was recommended by your vet, no need to rinse it because the dog will happily do that for you!
Don’t forget to give your dog a treat for being a well-behaved good boy while you’re brushing its teeth.


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