Roles of a Foreign Domestic Helper

In Singapore, families are increasingly becoming appreciative of the efforts that domestic helpers put in managing their homes and taking care of their children. For many, hiring a foreign domestic helper is no longer a luxury, it is necessity. One out of 8 families in Singapore have a foreign domestic helper at home assisting with their house chores such as cleaning, look after their kids and cooking among other domestic responsibilities. The extra pairs of hands often come in handy in such scenarios considering that they enable parents and homeowners to attain success in their careers or education while at the same time being sure that their children and homes are in good hands.


As A Domestic Helper
The scope of a domestic helper responsibilities primarily depends on the needs of the family and oftentimes, they are required to perform a variety task within an employer’s home, such as providing care for a child or elderly family members, cooking, laundry and housecleaning. They may also help outside of the home for a family includes running errands like grocery shopping or picking up needed supplies, among other things. Domestic helpers need to be reliable and physically fit enough to perform common housekeeping tasks for most of the day. They don’t generally need any special education but do benefit from having previous experience in a similar role.

As A Bread Winner
Money has indeed been the cause of headaches for many foreign domestic helpers. Most leave their homelands in search of a better life for their families, but before they can make any gains, most of them know that they may suffer financial hardships in the first few months. They choose to work abroad because they will be able to earn more money than in their own countries. The money they earned will go towards paying for the education of their children or siblings, buying land, paying bills and loans, build their homes, and investing in business. Lots of work, lots of responsibilities to handle but they can and do more for their family’s future.


As A Citizen of their Country
Foreign domestic helpers play a vital role in sustaining the economies of both recipient nation and also the nation where they originated as well as keeping the families healthy and productive. The nations where the workers come from also benefit by having an inflow of cash. The domestic helpers can also use the money they earn to make investments back home as a back up economic plan that will cater for their needs when they return home.


Domestic helpers make our lives comfortable by assisting us in all possible ways! It is integral to tend approval, admiration, and consideration towards them as it ensures a strong bond of trust and loyalty towards their employers. Foreign domestic helpers are our strength, so let us give them respect, value their contribution and reward them back by providing protection and any other help they will need in the future. The role that the foreign domestic helpers play in the growth of any society cannot therefore be disputed and never be underestimated

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