Preventing Kids from Getting Sick

Children get sick no matter how careful we are in taking care of them. As a live-in nanny in Singapore, what are things we could at least do to prevent kids from getting sick while we look after them? Are there habits we should teach little boys and girls to lessen the chances of them in getting a communicable disease? Yes, there are! These habits are, sometimes, very simple are taken very lightly but they are necessary and healthy for the children.


Here are things the Indonesian nanny or Filipino nanny can do to make sure the children stay healthy:


1) Tell the kids to wash their hands always.
We shouldn’t just wash hands before meals, the Indo nanny or Filipino nanny must wash the kids’ hands after they touched keyboards or after getting off the bus. In fact, they should always have a sanitizing kit to clean their hands in school or in public places. By just washing hands, kids can drain away 5000 germs at any given time.


2) Live-in nanny in Singapore should maintain a clean environment.
Germs lurk in surfaces we often touch. By that, we mean the doorknobs, the toilet bowl, the kitchen sink, and even the comfortable soft bed we lay at night. The Indo nanny or Filipino nanny can help battle against these communicable diseases by always cleaning the house, especially bathrooms and the kitchen where the bad microorganisms multiply twice as a fast. Being too vigilant about disinfecting the house for the sake of the employer’s family really pays off!


3) Make sure kids have their bottle of water when they go to school.
Doctors didn’t tell us to gulp down 7-10 glasses of water every day because of nothing. Sufficient intake of water is necessary to rejuvenate cells and get rid of toxins from our system. The live-in nanny in Singapore must make sure that the kids’ lunchbox is complete with a bottle of drinking water when they go to school. Not drinking enough water will dehydrate you and may make you susceptible to communicable diseases.

4) Help kids eat healthy.
We know how much kids love French fries, burgers, and pizzas, but those food contain trans-fat and artificial preservatives which doom their health. One way to cultivate a healthy eating habit is to eat healthy as a family since kids learn by imitating behaviours. The employer can do marketing with the Indo nanny and Filipino nanny and both can brainstorm about healthy recipes kids will love without, of course clogging their arteries with fast food.


To ensure that the kids are eating healthy even when they are in school, the live-in nanny in Singapore should pack a healthy lunch box for the kids, something that includes fruits and whole wheat bread will do.


5) Get enough sleep.
Toddlers need 11-14 hours of sleep every day to remain healthy. For preschoolers and children in the elementary school, they need up to 13 hours of sleep, so the growth of muscle tissues increases, and the body metabolism regulates.


The Indo nanny or Filipino nanny can make sure that children are sleeping early by establishing a bedtime routine. To make this routine possible, the live-in nanny should encourage the kids to do sleep promoting activities like a relaxing bath, putting on pajamas, brushing their teeth, or reading stories in bed. This would also mean turning off the television, dimming the lights, and keeping the gadgets away. When the Indo nanny or Filipino nanny successfully carry out these steps, the children will pick up the signs that the sleeping time is too soon.


The live-in nanny in Singapore plays a huge role in keeping the children healthy! Kids should eat right, wash their hands frequently, drink enough water, and get more hours of sleep with the help of their Indonesian nanny or Filipino nanny.


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