Preparing the House for the Live in Filipino maid/Indonesian Maid

Before the actual days of her work as a maid, there are things we need to do and prepare first for the safety of the family, her efficiency of work, and for us, her employer, not to worry.


Establish a clear job description. What did you hire the maid for? Is your primary need for the baby’s care? Do you just want someone to take care of the house while you’re away? Tell yourself and your maid the reason. This will be your maid’s priority.


Know her for security reasons. We are certain that you already know through the interview and other means. But it is safer if you keep one of her official Identification cards for security reasons. Nobody is quite sure about their safety nowadays.

Be ready for supervision on her first weeks. Work together when she starts her work. This is inclusion to her period of adjustment. The most important thing is you let her improve and give her room for errors on her first day of work.


Make sure she’s rests in a comfortable space. This is also for your own benefit. When your maid has a good rest, she’ll work effectively on the following day.


Make a schedule. You may have a routine you want her to follow. Make a timetable where she can be guided on what she has to do that day. This way, everyone in the house knows what to expect every day and you avoid confusion for your maid.


Hygiene comes first. There are many types of household. Your ways in your home can be different from hers. Observe her if her standards of ‘clean’ is alright with you. Does she need to clean more? It is also important that she observes proper hygiene in herself too.


Lengthen your patience. There could be a lot of misunderstandings in the long run. Before she even steps in the house, make sure you are ready for differences and errors. Nobody is perfect. The most important thing is how both of you coped up on the days to come.