Parenting Tasks We Can Assign to the Domestic Helper/Nanny


Some employers are confused about assigning tasks to Filipino maid | Indonesian maid | Myanmar maid because the boundary between being a nanny and being a parent is very vague. The number question about dividing tasks is the amount of involvement we want the nanny to have in our children’s life. Do we want her to be the occasional helper who would do the chores and take care of the baby as a secondary task? Or do we want her to be the Filipino nanny who is hands-on in everything when it comes to infant care? While we’re uncertain, maybe a list of possible nanny tasks from us would help.


The live in nanny | domestic helper’s role is as important as the parent’s role. She will be the baby’s primary caregiver while we spend the day working. Eden Grace Maids Agency is the parents’ helping hand when it comes to finding the right nanny! If you’re confused on which tasks the nanny can do, here’s a list you may consider:


1) The nanny can keep the children safe.
After all, we want the kids to be where they should be, safe and sound. If we’re wondering which task to give the Filipino maid or Indonesian maid in her first months in Singapore, then maybe ensuring the kids’ safety is something basic and necessary. This task may simply be walking with the child to school, looking after the child while she’s on the playground, or constantly guiding the baby while he tries to crawl to and from.


Employers may also want to make sure the live-in nanny can do basic first aid and CPR. If not, we suggest employers would educate her about this soonest. Filipino maid | Indonesian maid | Myanmar maid’s job as a nanny starts with safety!


2) The Live in nanny | domestic helper can help make things convenient.
It takes 2 hours for the employer to get ready for work and prepare the children for school, but it takes half of that time for her to get ready since the Filipino maid or Indo maid came in to assist. Mornings will be easier and more convenient when we have a nanny to help us. There will also be days when everything is too tiring or we’re just sick. Employers can be rest assured that someone will look after the kids while mothers recover. Because of our busy life and full-packed schedule, we need a Filipino maid or Indo maid to assist us.


3) The nanny can be a positive role model.
When your little Jonah displays bad behaviour or speaks ‘bad words’, chances are he learned it from somewhere. It could be school, the neighbourhood, or at home. The children’s environment plays a huge role in their growth. Kids learn a lot by imitating caregivers and guardians, including their live-in nanny. In their 2-year contract, it is the Filipino maid or Indo maid’s responsibility to maintain professionalism and become worth imitating with her hardwork, diligence, and speech. The least the live-in nanny can do is to be a good role model for the children she’s taking care of.


4) The Live in nanny | domestic helper can make playtime worthwhile.
This is the age where gadgets stimulate children faster and easier than toys. Amidst the convenience iPhones or tablets has placed in our life, we may also want to take note of the accidents and the seizures these have caused according to reports. After all, the best stimulating activities for children don’t involve screens and monitors. While your nanny is there to ensure their safety, she may also take the lead to healthy and educational playtime like storytelling, trips to the park, or doing some arts and crafts. Reading is a good idea since it teaches the child a skill for the life ahead. On the other hand, arts and crafts help him/her discover her creative capacity.

5) The Live in nanny | domestic helper can monitor and ensure kids get their basic needs.
Making sure kids wake up and sleep on time, preparing the lunch box for school, or making sure they are well-fed. Employers can make sure their kids are receiving enough rest and eating healthily through the Filipino maid or Indo maid.


6) The nanny reinforces the values and discipline you impose.
Some evident values in typical Asian parenting are ‘respect to the elderly’, hardwork, frugality, and academic excellence. Even when we’re away from home, we want to make sure children practice these values. The Filipino maid or Indo maid can be an extension of the parents as they agree and apply the same values, parenting style, and discipline. Please remember that children only learn when we’re consistent with our rules. He or she won’t think about skipping his homework if the nanny also prohibits him to do so.


7) Find out what the nanny loves to do.
If you’re still confused about which tasks to assign to your nanny after reading everything above, try to find out what she loves to do. There is a huge chance she’s good at this certain area if this is what she loves to do. Employers have a chance to get to know their perspective Filipino maid or Indo maid through an online interview. Eden Grace Maids Agency, for example, helps employers get to know an applicant as much as possible by arranging a Skype interview. Through this, we can freely ask them about their strengths domestically.


Your The Live in nanny | domestic helper’s adjustment would take time and patience from the family. She, in return, should try her best to meet the employer’s expectations too! At the end of the day, harmony is a hand-in-hand work of the employer and the nanny.


The family’s health and safety should be the top priority. Eden Grace Maid Agency Singapore offers maid services which will help us secure our children’s safety when we’re not around. The choice to hire a maid who can take care of the tiring household chores and things we cannot handle on our own will definitely be a plus point!


Please contact us for a fuss-free consultation with our unique personal screenings of our maids. Eden Grace Maids Agency looks forward to serving you!

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