Overcoming Homesickness Abroad

Living abroad is not as easy as it seems and it could be stressful to live in a new country with different culture, and be surrounded by strange people. The feeling of being alone would really trigger to feel homesick. Homesickness is a big problem that most domestic helpers are facing in Singapore right now. In order for them to provide a comfortable and a better life to their families back home, they made a hard decision to work and be far away from them. This is really hard for those who are working abroad and signed up with a long-term contract and this means that they cannot just go home anytime they want.


Feeling homesick is very normal to domestic helpers but there are some helpful tips on how to cope with it.
*Bring something that keeps your heart home
“There’s no place like home” and it is very true. Since homesickness is being unhappy because you are far away from home, bring something with you that will remind you of your home like family pictures, favorite books, favorite clothes, or diary and you can feel connected again at home. At first, every time you look at them, you will cry for sure but always remember about your goal that brought you to that country and makes it your inspiration to get through homesickness.


*Work positively
Maintaining positivism is a daily challenge that requires focus and attention. Overthinking can change the way you work with others and the way you do things, and it can lead you to be unproductive. Despite of struggles and challenges, stay positive and try to do good things. Try to impress your employer by performing well at your duties.


*Immerse yourself in your new country
You are new in a foreign land so the best thing you can do to cope your homesickness is immerse yourself in it. Try to connect with the locals and start with the family you are living, try talking to your employer and have a fun conversation, explore your new surroundings, try new food and visit some tourist places near your area, meet new friends on your rest day, go for groceries and spend time checking places. It would help you to make feel better and relaxed.

*Stay in touch with your family
Technology is an amazing way to stay in touch with your love ones no matter where you are in the world. With the help of advance technology, it is now very easy to communicate and see your family through video calls. Have a wonderful conversation with them, share some crazy and laughable stories like you are just sitting right next to each other, keep in touch with your families and friends make you feel you are just home and can easily forget the feeling of homesickness.


*Pray all the time
God is always faithful to His promises. Have time for meditation, talk to Him, no time and no place needed. God always listen to those who seek Him, and need Him. Ask for comfort, strengths, forgiveness and be thankful for His goodness. For sure, you will feel loved and directed to the right path.


Indeed, living abroad is one of the most challenging decisions, especially if you are working as a domestic helper. Homesickness could target you, so make sure you are ready to deal with it. Don’t let it make you feel depressed and stress or it will make everything worse, your job is important and should work to improve your overall performance in order for you to succeed. When you are homesick, it does not go away overnight but doing a routine can help you fight it.

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