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All Around Housemaid Nanny and Infant Care
  • Care of elderly
  • Care of disabled


Salary: N/A

Code: MNL380379

Birth: 1979-03-09

Age: 39

Nationality: Filipino

Marital Status: Single

Education: College > 12

Availability: Taken

Siblings: 3

Children / Age: ( year old)


Height: 151 cm

Weight: 50 kg

[EX Philippines]

Care of elderly

[EX Philippines]

Care of elderly

[EX Philippines]

Care of elderly

[EX Philippines]

Taking care of patient w/ heart problem

Maid Introduction


Rhoel is 38 and single. He wants to work in Singapore to save money for the future. He is from Iloilo, Philippines. He is from Iloilo, Philippines.


According to him, he is a jolly person and he can work without supervision.


He worked as a caregiver for many years. His first employment lasted for 2 years (2001-2003). His first patient is 67 years old, female, with Alzheimer's. He's responsible for her bathing, food, and medicine. He was a stay-in caregiver and he helps in the household chores like cleaning, ironing, and laundry.

He, again, worked as a caregiver locally for 2 years (2003-2005). He took care of a male stroke patient who is bedridden. He transfers him from bed to wheelchair. He's responsible in supporting the patient in his daily activities, maintaining his hygiene, and bathing.

In his third experience, he worked as caregiver for 4 years (2005-2009) in Bacolod, Philippines. His third patient is 84 years old, female, with Alzheimer's disease. His duties include bathing her, washing her clothes, and ensuring her hygiene. He also does household chores like cooking.

According to him, he was able to take care of patients with Alzheimer's by treating them like they are his family.

In 2010 to 2016, he worked again as a caregiver for another employer for 6 years. His patient is his own nephew who has a heart problem and he takes care of him.

Since 2016 up to the present, he worked as a caregiver in Manila. He worked for different kind of patients.

He is willing to do household chores because that is also included in the job description of his previous employer.

He mentioned in the video that a good caregiver has a heart for the patient and treats them like his family.


He also mentioned that he is willing to take care of children with disabilities.

Elderly care

He has experience looking after the elderly and disabled patients. He's willing to take care of different patients with any cases.


He is aware that his employer will keep his phone during working hours. However, he will contact his family using his own handphone at night.
Any other usage arrangements will be between employer and maid. This must be stated in the Job Offer


The helper is entitled to weekly offdays. He should be offered at least one offday thereby compensating him for the other 3 off days.

Any other offday arrangements will be between employer and maid. This must be stated in the Job Offer

2 years contract

He is aware that he will enter into 2 years contract with his future employer and he is committed to finish.


Based on his various experiences as a caregiver and working with different patients, he mentioned that he is flexible to work in any environment. He is also aware that he will do household chores for his future employer in Singapore.

Being a first timer in Singapore, it will not be easy for him to understand employer's needs, but with proper guidance and good training, he will be a good helper. I hope you can consider viewing his profile and give him an opportunity to serve your family.

Video Interview

To view her personal video interview please click

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