Nighttime Babysitting Tips for Filipino maid | Indonesian maid | Myanmar maid

Infants from zero to six months old have irregular sleeping patterns we, adults, can’t keep up with. Unlike adults, infants don’t simply doze off once the sun is down. Some babies would stay up late at night when everyone in the family is tired. As a result, it becomes difficult for the live-in maid to keep alert all night too. To help parents and live-in maid survive this exhausting chapter, we have compiled tips that may be helpful for all the Filipino maid | Indonesian maid | Myanmar maid in Singapore.


Generally, babies who weren’t sleep-trained don’t sleep throughout the night, not until they become one year old. This may mean the Filipino maid | Indonesian maid | Myanmar maid and parents won’t get their continuous sleep for one year too. She must come prepared for this journey and do the following:


1) Sleep in the same room with the baby for the first few months.
Newborns wake up in the middle of the night when they want to drink milk. They don’t have other ways to communicate hunger other than crying. At night, the Filipino maid | Indonesian maid | Myanmar maid needs to make a trip to the baby’s room several times just to prepare milk. If we want the live-in maid in Singapore to respond to the baby’s needs faster and easier, we may want to encourage her to sleep in the same room with the newborn. This way, she can attend to the hungry baby as quickly as possible before her whimpers turn to angry screaming. This is for the baby’s welfare too!


2) Find out what makes the baby sleepy.
Most of us fall asleep immediately in a cool, comfortable, and quiet environment, but not for babies. Every baby is different. Sometimes, your little one gets sleepy with white noise on the background like the sound of vacuum or hairdryer. Others would easily fall asleep after milk feeding or when the Filipino maid | Indonesian maid | Myanmar maid changed them into clean diapers. The live-in maid can also try rocking the baby, tapping the infant gently, singing lullabies, letting baby use pacifiers, or just letting the baby sleep skin-to-skin with mom or dad. Remember, the key is to find the baby’s comfort zone because when there’s a comfort, there’s a sleepy head!


3) Don’t stay up late for no good reasons.
The key to surviving this sleep-deprived phase is by getting enough sleep when you have an opportunity. If it’s the Filipino maid / Indonesian maid’s daily nighttime habit to surf on the internet until wee hours of the night, then she better change since it prevents her from having enough rest too. Live-in maids in Singapore need enough rest to perform all the nanny duties, so she must train herself to go to bed by 9 or 10pm.

4) Organize everything before night time.
Waking up at midnight is all about feeding the baby, so that means the Indonesian maid / Filipino maid should make milk feeding easier for them or for parents. Babies who are bottle-fed must have organized feeding bottles and formula before night time. The live-in maid must check if there is enough milk formula in the baby’s room before everyone is asleep. She wouldn’t like digging in the kitchen cabinet at 3 am just to look for an available box of milk powder, would she? Indonesian maid / Filipino maid should not overdo getting ready, however. Mixing warm water and milk in too early may result in spoiled milk which may harm the baby. The live-in maid may also avoid colic by not overfeeding the baby at night. Employers can show the live-in maid where the extra baby supplies are, so she would know what to do without disturbing employers’ sleep.


5) Take your time when the baby is asleep.
Employers are aware that babysitting isn’t a one-man job that’s why they hired a live-in maid in Singapore. Give the Filipino maid | Indonesian maid | Myanmar maid some time to catch some Zzzzs to make up the sleeping hours she missed last night to look after the hungry newborn. After all, she won’t stay alert to look after the baby’s welfare is she is sleep-deprived. So, what is the nanny’s best time to take a nap? It’s when the baby is sleeping too! It’s a win-win situation if we really think about it. The baby can be safe while sleeping and taken care of when he’s awake. However, the live-in maid should still do some household chores once she’s readily recharged from naps.


6) Calm down, some babies really sleep noisily.
Babies who sleep lightly can be noisy sleepers. They may make small noises every now and then but that doesn’t mean they are awake or hungry. In fact, it’s just natural for a newborn to have broken sleep. Paediatricians say this is because their sleep transitions continue to another sleep cycle. If the baby wakes up, Filipino maid | Indonesian maid | Myanmar maid may try leaving him for a few minutes and see if he’ll continue his sleep. If his cry really sounds loud and upset, then the live-in maid should pick him up and see if he’s hungry.


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