Negative Effects of Physical Punishment to a Child


Becoming a parent is a blessing but as the child starts growing up, disciplining them is one of the most challenging things that parents will do. Beating or hitting is a way that most parents try to keep the authority over their children. But don’t forget that kids learn by watching adults, especially their parents.


Hitting and other forms of physical discipline can cause a lot of pain or serious risks to children, but it never produces the desired effects because of the emotional hurt it causes. Beating your kids does not teach them right from wrong. They mostly feel fear, anger, resentment, humiliation, sadness and invisible scars on innocent hearts when you hit them.


No parent wants to hit their kids for pleasure, but will resort to cruel technique such as beating or spanking when parents are unable to manage their kids or if they have committed a seemingly unforgivable mistake. While beating is a tried and tested method which has stood the test of generations, the fact remains that it is not a healthy thing to do, both physically and emotionally.


But do you know the negative effects of beating a child?


Here are some reasons why you should not beat up your child.


Lose your Child’s Self-Esteem
Spanking a child is an emotional sting that causes the worst effect. If you hit them frequently and tell them often that they are wrong or bad, they may consider themselves as bad child. They will most likely develop a self-image of a looser or feel bad about themselves and it may affect their self-esteem and confidence as they grow up.


Makes your Child Rebellious
Spanking your child does not produce any benefits in terms of development. Beating them constantly cannot give a good result, in fact it can scare your child and later on, he may become rebellious and won’t listen to you anymore. You may not realize that this act of punishment can drive them away from you.


Makes your Child More Aggressive
Beating a child can have negative effects on their behavior and emotional development. This kind of discipline can lead to increase of aggression and develop mental disorder such as depression and anxiety. The more physical punishment your child receives, the more aggressive he becomes.

Damages your Relationship and Trust
They will become afraid of you, not your beating. They find it difficult to trust and become more sensitive with their surrounding. This could really damage your child’s mentality and your parent-child relationship.


Cause Anger and Frustration
For children, punishment is unfair, and a sense of unfairness escalates to a feeling of humiliation and anger.


Raising children is tough and a lot of work for a parent, but it should never hurt. Kids do not have behavioral issues when they are born, they develop this issues when they are not treated well. There are some better disciplines strategies which can actually help the child develop – so try those instead, and say no to physical punishment like spanking or hitting!

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