Myanmar Maid Agency Singapore

In the recent years, Singaporean families hiring foreign domestic workers has grown, for they play a central role of having to balance between work commitments and household tasks. These foreign domestic helpers are from the Philippines, Indonesia, and Myanmar. Compared to their counterparts in the Philippines and Indonesia, Myanmar helpers are known to have strong work ethic, with the commitment to work hard. They are also on top consideration to families who are on a budget for they draw a lower salary.

Choosing a Burmese helper will depend on the kind of needs you have. Some Myanmar maids are not used to city living, and may need some extra guidance to help them familiarize with their new environment. But work wise, these Burmese helpers can be dependable on the most important everyday tasks.

In looking after children, Myanmar helpers are mature and patient enough to get along with kids. Using an understandable language is very important to help your helper understand how you want your children to be looked after. For elderly care, same patience and maturity is needed as well as being physically strong in case where the elderly person may need to be moved. And for general domestic chores, a keen and quick learner may come handy. Knowledge of basic appliances at home may also be an advantage. Using a language that both the helper and employer understands will always help in a fast and smooth communication to make the work environment light and easy.

Being new to Singapore, Myanmar maids could use a guide that can help them settle in their new work environment. Employers must always be patient in teaching their Burmese maids for things they don’t know inside the house.

Myanmar helpers are easy to work with, language may be an issue but they are fast-learners. Employers may speak to them in English or Chinese, and they would pick up fast.

Foreign Domestic Workers are hardworking and in-demand most especially in Singapore. Burmese helpers are one of them. Having one Burmese helper in the household would make the workload light and smooth.

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