Myanmar Maids & Caregivers

Caregivers and helpers are in demand in different parts of the world. Looking after the elderly and other persons with special needs may be a tough job, but with the help of a caregiver, such task would be light. Caregivers can be from anywhere as long as they have experience and have enough training to work for the family they are about to assist. Aside from Filipino/Indonesian caregivers, one caregiver that is becoming well-known now are the Burmese caregivers or the ones from Myanmar.

Here are some important points why Burmese caregivers can be a great help to you and your family:

  1. They are trained in caregiving. – They are enrolled in a caregiver training school for three months. Two months is for training, and a month for attached training in hospitals or nursing homes.


  1. Trainings are accredited. – Their trainings are accredited with Singapore government to provide required trainings for caregiver.


  1. Can converse in English. – They studied basic conversational English and Mandarin in their training centers in order to easily communicate with you.

These Burmese caregivers already have Singapore working experience which is a plus. They may be able to speak and express themselves in English or Mandarin. They are experienced in working in Singapore who attended the training in Myanmar. And before entering Caregiving School, they have already worked in Singapore and have experienced looking after the elderly. With the mentioned points above, the Burmese caregivers, are also competitive and workwise caregivers who can give great assistance to you and your family.

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