Most Common Mistakes in Changing Diaper for Newborn

Babies are extremely expensive and high in maintenance, especially buying baby’s stuff such as diapers. But that is not our concern with this article, but rather how often we do mistakes while changing diapers for our little ones?


Of all the tasks that mothers do for their little ones, diaper changing is the task that all parents unanimously least look forward to having to do. Changing a diaper isn’t typically one of the big things most of us worry about before having a baby. It may seem as simple as removing the dirty diaper, cleaning the baby and putting on a new one but there’s actually a lot more to it. Diaper changing might seem complicated at first. But with a little practice, you’ll find that keeping your baby clean and dry is easy.


Most parents | live in nannies mostly made mistakes while changing their little one’s diapers, and it’s fine as all of us learn on the go. There are things that are bound to happen when changing baby’s diaper, and as follows:


1. Not having everything ready
Before you start to change the diaper of your baby make sure you have everything you need within your reach, such as a fresh diaper and clothing, rash ointment or cream. If you won’t get everything ready, you will end up taking both hands off the baby. These are not good ideas because they can lead to disasters or accidents. Parents should be prepared everything she needs so they never have to leave their babies alone.

2. Putting the baby on the bed or sofa
The place matters a lot when changing your baby’s diaper, and that is one common mistake that many parents make by not having a designated place to carry out the changing process. Putting your baby on the bed or sofa can be very tough to keep the them steady because they can easily tumble and it’s more difficult to pull off the diaper and put on a new one. So, it’s best to use a flat surface, like a changing table or the floor.


3. Skipping to change diaper
Not changing baby’s diaper regularly is a mistake. The diaper should be changed as soon as it has become dirty and wet. Wearing the same diaper for whole day would be very uncomfortable to your baby and leaving your little one in a dirty nappy can lead to a severe rash on your baby’s buttocks and to a blowout on your hands. Besides, don’t rush to change the nappy and wait until your baby is done. Most importantly when you are traveling with your baby, make sure you bring an extra diaper with you.


4. No distraction for your baby while changing baby’s diaper
Almost all babies simply hate diaper changes because they don’t know what’s going on. When you change your baby’s nappy for new one, make sure you give them toys to play with to keep them calm and distracted.


5. Wiping back to front
Wiping from the back to the front can mean bacteria finds its way from the bottom into the vagina or urethra, leading to various infection not only in girls but also in boys. Although wiping back to front is easier to do, don’t do it and always wipe your baby front to back.

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