Milk Bread Recipe

As we grow up, we need a daily dosage of calcium. This is true among all ages. The primary food for the bone is milk. Meanwhile, bread is a staple food since agriculture began. This fact has reasons for bread are common energy source. To enjoy the nutrients of both food, see the video and consider the easy step of baking the Milk Bread!


Video and Recipe Courtesy of JIDIM Tips & Recipes


550 g Bread Flour
90 g Sugar
50 g Milk Powder
20 g Dry Yeast
7 g Salt
50 g Butter
300 ml Milk
1 Egg



1) Preferable bread flour or strong flour. There are many different types of flour and the bread texture can change depending on the type of flour. If you mix the dough for 15 min and it is still too soft (still sticking on the sides), add a little bit of flour, and in case it is too hard, add a little bit of milk. (The dough is good when it no longer sticks to the side of the bowl).
2) The time it takes for the dough to rise depends on the temperature and humidity of the place you are in.
3)Take all the air out of the dough, by folding it and opening it with a rolling pin several times. If the dough is too hard to manipulate let it rest for about 10min and then continue to mold the bread.
4) The time the bread takes to bake varies from oven to oven.


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