Our Story

Over the Years



  • I was formerly a missionary serving together with my family, in the Philippines for almost a decade.With the assigned task as a Mission Director and Church Pastor; we had the opportunity and privilege to share our life with the locals. Learn their unique culture, lifestyle, and understand their life perspective, their perogative and their worldview.

    Hence, the idea to setup group and individual mentoring and training program for students and workers, we put them on a journey of self discovery, affirmation and taking pride.

    With our one-to-one coaching, we help individual to realise their potential and the ability to excel and to succeed, when they put the right attitude towards their work and towards their employers.

Recruitment Agency Business

  • Eden Grace was established as an employment and recruitment agency with the purpose to provide intentional training and mentoring of both employers and workers. Since then, we have provided close to 4,000 deployment with a total revenue of $10 millionWith the increase in demand for quality workers, globally, we provide personalise hiring for various businesses, in various industries from Professionals, Skill and Unskilled workers to different countries
Opened Training Center in the Philippines

  • Eden Grace set up our own training centre in the Philippines. With our very own in house exclusive training program, we revised and adapted to our customers need. Increase the quality of training to prepare the workers before deployment. Since then 2,000 workers were trained and deployed overseas.

  • Eden Grace expanded with 6 branches islandwide with each office in the Mountbatten, Jurong East, Bt. Merah Redhill, Bishan Midview, the Business District One Fullerton and at the heart of Orchard Road Rendezvous Hotel.

  • Our records and customer satisfactions, proof Eden Grace committment to provide quality worker to every level of your business need.

    To all our loyal customers and all future Local and/or Oversea employers, we are sure you will find a suitable worker with the right skillset and mindset to bring your business to the next level. You can count on us, your interest are always our priority.