Managing Domestic Helpers


Foreign Domestic Workers or the so called maids have become almost indispensable. They are some of the most wanted individuals in the world today. A number of folks doing professional jobs don’t have enough time to carry on and manage their household so maids are the ones to take position in doing that work. Maids have become a necessity to every household. From keeping the house clean to looking after the children or elderly. However, there are things to consider on having an outsider in the family. During the entire employment, she will reside in your home. The first few months will be a crucial adjustment and transition period.


Many domestic workers are not used to staying in a city as they usually come from provinces. They may also have complexity in understanding and conversing in the language. Therefore they would need some time to be familiar with the house daily routine. Common difficulties include using appliances like vacuum cleaner, microwave ovens, washing machines and even living in a super structured building. Setting up a reasonable performance expectation and communicating household rules will clearly benefit both parties. Be as specific as possible so that your maid can follow easily.  In the first few months, it would be a good idea to spend time to orient and train your maid.


Open communication is important having an outsider in the family. To help alleviate her homesickness and sense of isolation, let her communicate with her family back home. Most maids come from a different lifestyle, cultural and even religious background. She could be lonely and nostalgic. These issues could be the reason her work performance drops. As the employer, it would be best if you are sensitive enough with your helper’s emotional dilemma. . Integrate and accept your helper as a part of the family will help to remove her fears and anxieties.  Make an effort to understand her different culture, lifestyle and background. Exercising persistence, tolerance and patience will lessen any clash and problem that could affect her work.

A happy and well-managed helper will give you less problem than one who is unhappy. As an employer, you are also in charge for your maid’s general well-being including food, accommodation, basic necessities and medical care. Recently, giving insufficient food has been an issue. It would be better if they are given food on their preference and slowly let them adjust to the foreign food. Where possible your worker should be given a separate room. Ensure that sufficient private space for sleep is provided. Paying their salary on time and giving credits can boost the maids‘ momentum to do an extra mile for you. Being sensible to the total being of your helper is a good start to a healthy relationship.


Maids could be skillful as keepers of the household but normally, they were not able to complete college or have not been to college at all. Nevertheless, they should not be discriminated or misjudged because they can be wiser when it comes to keeping the home.  Helpers may forget and commit mistakes and being straightforward individuals you rather correct it directly than ignore the issue. Generally, maids are non – confrontational most often than not, they will choose to deny or give excuses to certain issues. Knowing how to deal them in an acceptable manner would avoid the rise of misunderstanding and denials.


Excellent helpers aren’t born – they are trained. Imparting purpose and values of life can help them grow as a person. Many of them come from a diverse background. They may bring with them wrong values and belief system. We will never know a person unless you start living with them. Counseling and open communication can help them make better choices and thus becoming a good helper of your family. It will make them want to stay longer working with you. Do remember Eden Grace maids are hiring a helper who is very much human being and therefore you must be prepared to manage and train them.

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