Value Obligations

Myanmar maids have sense of pride, which enables them to give value to their obligations to people, especially employers. A Myanmar maid, when treated fairly and respectfully, will serve your household well. But just like any other Burmese, when treated unjustly by employer, will eventually leave. It will not matter how much salary and benefits you will offer.


Maids from Myanmar are temperament and have a sweet nature, which makes them widely preferred. You may doubt if they understand what you are saying, but they are just timid to express themselves. Some Myanmar maids may find it difficult to communicate using the English language, but their sweet personality will reflect in their body language and gestures. They also show respect to their employers and to the family they are working for. They show respect to people around them, whether in the market, grocery store, bus stop, MRT, or along the road.


Hometowns of Myanmar maids are mostly small villages surrounded with Agriculture. Because of this, you may find a Myanmar maid in a slower pace of living. However, Myanmar maids who come to Singapore will be able to adapt and pick up the pace of living easily.

Quick Learner

Language can be a barrier and can be a major hindrance in communicating with a Myanmar maid, employers can give a simple instruction in English. You’ll be surprised at how quickly they learn once they understand what needs to be done. This ability will compliment with their helpfulness and sweet tempered characteristics, which makes them a great choice for your home.

Less Demanding

Myanmar maids are less demanding individuals. They don’t complain a lot or demand from their employers. They are more focused on doing their job right and make a better living.

Myanmar maids can be a great maid choice for your household. With their skills, character, and personality, employers would definitely have a great time having them as part of their family. If you want to have your own Myanmar maid at home, don’t hesitate to message and address your enquiries at Eden Grace Maids Agency.