Maid in Singapore – Tips on How to Clean a Multiple Story House

Every house is different and sometimes, one cleaning technique doesn’t work in another. A usual 2-hour cleaning schedule every day, for example, isn’t enough in a house with 3 floors and 7 bedrooms! The maid in Singapore must consider the house’s area and the number of people living in the house.


Cleaning a big house needs patience, smart techniques, and a realistic schedule. Eden Grace Maids Agency is here again to bring you these tips on how to clean a big house. We hope it helps!


1) Start from the corners and work inward.
Let’s create a cleaning route before anything else! In a huge house where there are 2 to 3 floors, a cleaning route will serve as a guide on where and how to start the cleaning process.
– It is safer and more efficient for the Filipino maid and Indonesian maid to start working on the highest floor, right in the corner room. She may proceed to the lower floor then lastly, the ground floor.
– Wipe the windows first and furniture closest to the walls before moving on to the sofa and tables in the center of the room.


2) Clean by schedule
Working in a house with 2 floors is possible in a house with little manpower when we try to clean by schedule.
– Sit down with your Filipino maid or Indo maid and write down a cleaning schedule both of you prefers.
– Instead of cleaning the entire house in one day, the maid can focus on half of the house or only in 1 story in one day.
– Rooms like the garage, attic, or basement needs some time to organize. To manage the overwhelming tasks, the maid can work in one of these rooms in a day and in another room the following day.


3) Store equipment and solutions in one place
Sometimes, it would take a lot of time just gathering the materials before cleaning. The rags are in the kitchen and the cleaning solutions are in the bathroom. It saves time and effort when all the stuff is found in one place. The Indo maid or Filipino maid can just open one cabinet and she’s good to go to do the magic!


4) Hire a professional for dangerous tasks
Anyone fit can climb up the ladder and wipe the windows of the second floor but not anyone can do it safely and effectively. Employers may hire window cleaners occasionally to lessen the risks of accidents. Gutter and roof cleaning are also done by experts.

Maid in Singapore - Tips on How to Clean a Multiple Story House

5) Wipe all surfaces
The down side of cleaning a big house is that some corners are often overlooked. Here are some things at home that the maid needs to disinfect too.
– Light switches
– Television remotes
– Door handles
– Keyboards
– Stair railings
These places are often touched by our fingers but they receive very little attention. Maids must include them in their daily cleaning routine!


Consider hiring a maid to maintain a tidy household environment. Eden Grace Maids Agency offers manpower help that can carry out your family’s daily organizing and household chores routines. You wouldn’t have to worry about your household chores when you have someone trained and taught to take care of your household burdens!
We look forward to serving you!

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