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Why Eden Grace? – What We Believe

Aspires to cater to your needs for an ideal, Dependable Maid. We believe that a happy family and harmonious work-home environment is achievable. With the management of both employer’s and domestic helper’s expectations and lifestyle of learning.


It has always been our goal to integrate both employers and helpers into a harmonious working relationships. In order to reach our goal it is important to start it right from the beginning.

Integrated Programs

We believe that having right influence is very crucial to their well-being. Being far away from families, friends have become the most important part of their socialization while working in a foreign land.

Mentoring Programs

Eden Grace Maids Agency Mentorship Program is designed to help meet the needs of every domestic worker. We believe that every helper has the potential to grow and develop.


House Visit

Our Operation Day

Monday to Saturday (It is Strictly by Appointment Only Due To COVID Restriction)

Sun and Public Holidays – CLOSED

Or you can call our Hotline 6262 5562 Monday to Sunday (9.30am to 9.30pm) for further enquiries.

Alternatively, Please click link below to fill up your brief requirement.

What our Clients Say

  • 5 star review  Eden Grace (Snooky) has been tremendously helpful in finding us the right helper at the right time. They were very responsive and provided all the relevant info, taking care of... read more

    thumb Sharon Koh

    5 star review  Hired my current helper through Eden Grace, and the entire process from the beginning of search and selection all the way to the handover was handled in a very detailed... read more

    thumb Seok Ling Wong

    5 star review  Eden grace have help me to find a suitable maid for my family condition specially thanks to eden grace snooky! She have been very helpful and is very responsive in... read more

    thumb Yihui Ng
  • 5 star review  Eden Grace provides very quick and good proactive service. I needed to find a replacement for my helper who was returning for good. During the covid period, I was not... read more

    thumb Pauline Lim

    4 star review  Very efficient in processing and answering questions

    thumb Hui Jing Teo

    5 star review  I have engaged Eden Grace to direct hire my helper from Philippine, given the current pandemic situation getting a helper into Singapore is really not easy. Alice from Eden... read more

    thumb Chua Choon Siew
  • 5 star review  Used this maid agency twice over the past years. So far, everything went smoothly.

    thumb Amos Sim

    5 star review  First time getting a helper. The whole experience with Eden Grace was pleasant and worry-free. Yvonne and the team were very well coordinated and prompt in any query we had.... read more

    thumb Louis Looi

    4 star review  Having worked with many maid agencies in the past, I must say Eden Grace are professional. They match employer’s requirements as closely as they can based on the maids’ experience. Yvonne,... read more

    thumb As Zaharah
  • 5 star review  At first glance, Eden-Grace may seem like a slightly pricey choice. However, the excellent service and overall experience more than makes up for the price. Eden Grace is a responsible... read more

    thumb drdesmondmao

    5 star review  Strongly recommend Eden Grace as the whole process has been smooth and fuss-free. There was no need to worry about missing paperwork and timely updates were provided. Many thanks to... read more

    thumb Adeline Heng

    5 star review  Eden Grace is a modern FDW agency that strives to make everything convenient and seamless for the employer right from the get-go. I’m very grateful to Victoria and her team... read more

    thumb Rachel Kee
  • 5 star review  I got my previous and current helpers from Eden Grace. Been with them for nearly 6 years. Alice (who helped me with the first helper) and Snooky (who helped me... read more

    thumb Cheng Lim

    5 star review  We hired our helper via Eden Grace. Our consultant is Victoria. The whole process was quite smooth, easy and fast. Our helper has been with us for the past few... read more

    thumb ivy wong

    5 star review  This is the best maid agency, i have been with them for 6 years and they never disappoint me, they will ensure the helper is fix in to your... read more

    thumb Chris Chia
  • 5 star review  My agent, Julie, has done excellent job for us. She’s been always prompt in replying all the questions we have and giving us updates if there’s any. The process has... read more

    thumb Nicky Kim

    5 star review  Eden Grace was there every step of the way when we were looking for a new helper. We are grateful to Julie & her colleagues for their efficient & helpful... read more

    thumb Ying hwang

    5 star review  I chanced upon Eden Grace through a Google search. It was highly recommended and I decided to approach them for help in finding my helper. I would like to say,... read more

    thumb Janice Tan

Search Helpers

Domestic Helper

Every Filipino maid, Indonesian maid and Myanmar maid have their own preference and not all of them are multitask.

Nanny and Infant Care

Most Singaporeans are working parents who face the daily pressure from the pace of their work responsibilities.

Caregivers and Nurses

Ensure that your loved ones are provided with all the care they need by hiring a trained/qualified nurse/caregiver.

Filipino Maid

Filipino maids are highly adaptable in different culture and even in difficult situations.

Indonesian Maids

The people from the Northern part of Indonesia, they are ethics group with unique culture. 

Myanmar Maids

Myanmar maids have sense of pride, which enables them to give value to their obligations to people, especially employers.

Dependable Maid Agency

Award Winning Maid Agency

Unparalleled Services

We offer a wide range of professional help that matched to every need of various families. Whether you need an experienced worker who focus on infant care, child care with special needs, or a live in caregiver who will care for your elderly family or a pet care taker, Eden Grace is here for you.

Our Achievements

We are humbled by the lives of the helpers as well as the understanding of the employers who will give their best towards a harmonious working relationship with their helpers. We assure you of our commitment to improve and pursuit for excellence and impact many lives through our beliefs and endeavors.

Talented Filipino Helpers

In our search for the suitable maids who has of best behaviour, our talented team travels to Philippines almost every month to look for the right individuals to be hired as domestic household workers in Singapore. They could speak and understand good English language and possess good working attitude who are open to adapt for change.

Top Indonesian Maid Agency

When hiring, it’s important to employ an individual who shares values which are similar to those of you and your family. Our Indonesian maids are practicing strong Christian values and this makes them a good choice for most employers. Indonesian maids possess honesty, loyalty and kindness. And they understand English language and has no problem with daily conversational needs .

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