It is our goal to integrate both employers and helpers into a harmonious working relationship. To reach our goal, it is important to start it right from the beginning. In a fast-paced Singapore with most employers busy at work, managing household chores, child and infant care remains a challenge. Hiring a maid is no longer a luxury, rather a necessity to cope with daily routines in your family. We understand the need in finding a maid who is responsible and reliable.

  • We help employers to minimise the many fears and concerns in managing maids through our monthly employer’s orientation program.
  • We guide employers through the process in finding the right helpers, according to individual family’s needs as each family expectations are different.
  • During the selection process, we orientate and keep the selected candidates to date, your requirement, to ensure that she is aware on the work scope and expectations.
  • Hiring a maid is a daunting task of reviewing, selecting, confirming, and affirming. Finally, her acceptance to take on the job scope. It is a multitasks process, involving agencies, authorities, the employer, the helper and the Agency.
  • Upon arrival at the airport, we will arrange to pick her up, go to MOM for SIP, Medical check-up, and thumb print. Thereafter return her to the Agency for administration work.
  • At the Agency, we will reinforce her training, familiarise her on the job scope, prepare her heart, mind and soul before she is handed over.
  • Once she started working after 1st month in your family, our volunteer will pay you a visit, the scheme mandated by MOM in Dec 21. To ensure helper adapt and adjust well in her deployment, and employer is satisfied with her performance.
  • We encourage all helpers to join us in our Sunday program. We provide a safe environment for maids to mingle through healthy activities and mentorship program.
  • Our volunteer will do close contact and follow up via messenger or WhatsApps and to nip any teething issues and provide counselling early.

At Eden Grace we have dedicated and passionate sales personnel to give advice on the employment regulations and provide support via our recruiting process;

  • Strict Screening
  • Personal Interview
  • Careful Matching
  • Cultural and Character Building
  • Orientation & Home visit
  • Provide Group Activities
  • Mentorship Programs

Through all these activities, it is our hope to partner with the employer to integrate your helper seamlessly, to work out a harmonious working relationship.