Needs VS Wants


As many Foreign Domestic Workers would agree, changing bad financial habits is not easy to do, partly because the domestic workers spending habits cemented into their daily routine. Each maid is unique and shaped by their individual life events. They have learned that what makes them happy are not necessarily the things that cost money, and more isn’t always better.


For the purpose of spending and saving money wisely, every Filipino maid/Indonesian maid/Myanmar maid should know the key differences between wants and needs.


What is Needs?
Needs are something that is necessary for a human to survive, something you can’t do without. They are essential and cannot exit in your daily life. Needs are the things that foreign domestic worker should focused on and put as their top priority. It includes clothing, shelter, food, health care and education. These are the things, that keep them and their family healthy and safe. One of the most basic concept maids to consider when it comes to saving money is to learn how to determine the needs of their family. Sustainability is very important with everything that is happening in the world today. It’s impossible to anticipate the future where the road will take them and that is why being prepared for long term needs is very important. Being financially secured a Filipino maid/Indonesian maid/Myanmar maid can benefit in more ways. If needs are not meet in time, it may result in health problems, family disputes, inabilities, bankruptcy or even death.

What is Wants?
Wants are something that a human being wishes to have or possess, so as to add comforts in life. As it is known that human wants are unlimited and endless. It includes everything else. Wants typically includes travel, dining in expensive restaurants, high-tech and the newest gadgets, designer clothes and bags. Why too often people fall on satisfying their wants? There are various reasons why many foreign domestic workers fall on choosing their wants and some of these are; to feel better or running away from their pains or problems, peer pressure, comparing themselves from the people around them and some believe that owning something expensive is a security. And even deep down, maids know that buying or owning a new stuff is not essential at all yet at times, it’s just impossible to resist the pressure and the urge to possess something. They are maybe nice to have, it will give you thrill and excitement as soon as you receive it, however, it will surely fade away quickly.


Therefore, foreign domestic workers should balance their priorities to take care of their basic needs first and save for the future. Unfortunately, people are easily tempted to fulfill their wants. In the end, those wants begin to take control especially over the use of money. Maids might feel deprived when their wants are not granted but real deprivation is no shelter or no food or no money at all. Those are all needs. Not being able to buy the latest gadget or the expensive jeans are not deprivation. It is highly important for a foreign domestic worker to choose their priorities over the luxuries in life, because if they don’t act discreetly, their wants will leave them deprived in later life.

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