Top 5 Live-in Maid Skills Needed for Child Care

Live-in maids in Singapore are widely needed in households with children and infants. Primarily, this is because young parents want someone trustworthy to take care of their newborn or toddlers while they are away for work. Filipino maids | Indonesian maids | Myanmar maids are most expected to perform well when it comes to childcare and infant care nowadays. Aside from having a good experience, there are few good traits employers need to list down as criteria when looking for a Filipino maid or Indonesian maid in Singapore.


Here are necessary skills for live-in maids in Singapore in order for them to be well-equipped in taking care of the employer’s little ones:


1) Cheerful and energetic.
Every child worker would agree that someone must be cheerful enough to keep up with the kids’ level of energy. Children are curious and hyperactive by nature and most of them want a playmate who will go hide and seek with them during playtime! If the Indo maid or Filipino is just another grumpy auntie who doesn’t like to spend time with the kids, the little ones would keep their distance from her too.


How energetic are the kids? Are they the type who always look for fun? Assess the kids and look for a live-in Filipino maid or Indo maid who can match the child’s level of frenzy.


2) Caring and attentive.
One of the primary roles of Indo maid and Filipino maid in Singapore as a nanny is to assume the parents’ role while they are away. Knowing this, the live-in maid must also give the same amount of care a parent would give for their children. Children who are below 5 years old, especially, requires constant attention and guidance from their nannies and parents. They are in a crucial stage where their emotional needs should be met and their actions are guided.


Filipino maids | Indonesian maids | Myanmar maids who are mothers back home are more likely to be caring and attentive to the employer’s children. They can also be knowledgeable enough since they already have experience in taking care of their own newborn and toddlers at home. When looking for a nanny, find a Filipino maid or Indo maid who are mothers or have experience in looking after kids.

3) Patient at all times.
Not all children are the same and it takes a few months to memorize them and to get used to who they are. That is why patience is a vital quality when it comes to the responsibility of being a child’s guardian, whether nanny or caregiver. For someone who takes care of someone else’s child, a live-in maid in Singapore must have the patience in taking care naughty of children, keeping in mind to report to the employer any bad behaviour but would also spend enough time with them to ensure their safety.


4) Flexible
Although taking care of children or infant is the primary role of the Indo maid or the Filipino maid, most live-in maids in Singapore are still required to do general housekeeping at home. Doing all the chores while keeping a baby well-fed is a challenge that requires flexibility and obedience to the daily schedule. Before the employers leave their kids with the Indo maid or Filipino maid, it would be helpful for everybody if a schedule would be made first for an easy work flow.


Pro tip: To be productive as a nanny, the live-in maid can make use of the vacant time when the children are in school or when the baby is asleep.


5) With Problem-Solving Skills
Kids are very unpredictable! They may be just harmlessly playing in a certain place and the next time you know, they’ve put peanut butter all over the floor. Some would throw tantrums randomly on the streets or grocery store and some would burst out crying on public just to get what they want. The Indo maid or Filipino maid should be able to come up with immediate solutions in times of crisis, big or small.


Before hiring a helper, the employer can ready a list of skills and traits the Filipino maids | Indonesian maids | Myanmar maids must possess. This way, the employer can have a good picture of what kind of live-in maid she must look for. We hope you find out tips helpful!


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