Keeping the House Clean with Pets

Our pups can be playful and messy at times, but the joys and benefits that they give to us and our family outweighs the hassle of cleaning after them. Dogs are wonderful in training you’re kids to be responsible, and they may become the child’s most loyal buddies as they grow up. Aside from that, they are our lovable stress-relievers after a day of work.


Keeping the house clean when we have a pet is one of the biggest challenges for the Indonesian maid | Filipino maid | Myanmar maid in Singapore. Every day, our pets scatter dander and leave paw prints around, so the live-in maid must always see to it that they don’t go the dirty spots uncleaned. Here are some tips on how to keep the house tidy even when we’re cat or dog-lovers.


Vacuum often.
We shouldn’t adopt dogs when we don’t make vacuuming a regular thing. When the Indonesian maid | Filipino maid | Myanmar maid uses the appropriate vacuum cleaner, it will suck up loose hairs which can help get rid of the bad odor. When shopping for the right vacuum cleaner, employers may also choose the ones that extra strong in suctioning since some pesky hair quickly get stuck in in-betweens. The Indonesian maid | Filipino maid | Myanmar maid must also clean out the filter to ensure that equipment doesn’t get clogged, which would make suction difficult and can damage the vacuum.


Dust off furniture always.
Dust accumulates fast even when we don’t own pets. How much more if we have a furry friend hanging out with us every day? According to research, house dust is mostly composed of skin flakes, animal fur, soil particles, decomposing insects, and other micro waste materials. Isn’t it gross? However, by dusting, the Filipino maid gets rid of these particles in the atmosphere. She just needs to wear a facemask when dusting from top to bottom, paying more attention to furniture where the dog always spends most of its time. The sofa cover especially is made of fabric that is a magnet of hair and dust too.


Declutter as much as you can.
Dogs love to bite and play with almost every object they can reach. Sometimes, our slippers are just nowhere to be found because the puppy brought it to its hideout. If your dog is like this, we’re quite sure that your floor is cluttered with toys and other stuff. The Indonesian maid | Filipino maid | Myanmar maid should always declutter twice a day when there is a cat or dog around, that is at the beginning of the day and before the sun sets. This way, the family would wake up and go home to a tidy house.

Clean your pup’s dishes.
We may not realize it in one look, but the puppy’s dishes are just too dirty, and it can become a breeding place of bacteria. It may be a hassle to deep clean the container every day, but the least the Indonesian maid | Filipino maid | Myanmar maid can do is to rinse it with warm water and wipe the moisture away. Not only that, but the live-in maid could also give attention to the pup’s dining spot because it gives off a foul smell. She must mop and disinfect it using the appropriate cleaning solution and materials.


Ready the stain remover.
Having different types of stains on the carpet, drapes, or curtains is not a rare thing when you are a pet owner. The Indonesian maid | Filipino maid | Myanmar maid must keep the stain remover on stand-by and take it out when she notices some stains. Remember, the earlier we treat that dog vomit, the better. Old stains are the hardest to remove.


Clean your own pet.
Since it’s a given fact that the loose hair and dirt are from our cats and dogs, so we must clean, bathe, and groom them regularly before letting them in. Let the Indonesian maid | Filipino maid | Myanmar maid follow a strict grooming schedule after they take a long walk outside. For cats, brushing them decreases the occurrence of cat sicknesses as well as gives the live-in maid some time to bond it. We can ask the vets what type of tools is right to use when grooming our pup’s breed.


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