How to Keep the House Clean with a Toddler
It is every domestic helper’s struggle to balance household chores while looking after hyper active children. The harder part of it is that all the mess seem to have no end, the floor is covered with dolls, clothes, and thrown food. The disaster will more likely stay the same for years until the child becomes more mature!


For the Indonesian maids | Filipino maids | Myanmar maids helping your employer live in a clean house with a toddler is possible if you follow these tips. Try it out today!


1. Limit the toys.
Little girls love to play with dolls and kitchen sets but parents don’t need to buy them much! The less toys we let them acquire, the less mess there would be in the house. We’re talking about giving them enough instead of over indulging them with toys.
– Talk it out with your employer. After all, they are the ones who purchase their children’s toys.
– Maids can also suggest giving the old toys to less fortunate kids. Sharing is loving!
– Having too much toys can over stimulate toddlers according to Psychology. It can result to more tantrums and behaviors that are difficult to manage.
– Lesser toys make your children better tempered and more grateful.


2. Clear the clutter as they come.
When meal spills and the Legos fall, teach your Filipino or Indo maids to mop first and pick up as the mess happens. Some helpers choose to let the clutter accumulate throughout the day and then before they realize, it became too overwhelming to get rid of. The Filipino maid must know that smaller chaos is easier to handle!


3. Contain the clutter.
The easiest way to minimize the clutter is to let the toddler play in one room or in one place. As a maid, encourage the children to play in the bedroom instead of running around the house! At least, the disaster would only be in one area, not to mention, it would be a lot safer for the child to play in just one room.


This is when baby gates and play rooms can do wonders in managing the clutter! The Indonesian maid can let the child play in the play room and she can suggest to her employer to make use of baby gates to prevent the child from wandering around the house.


4. Encourage the children to do small tasks.
Discuss the idea with the employer first and tell her the perks of letting the child do some chores by themselves. It lessens the workload in the house and as a result, the maid can do more housework effectively. This will also help the child grow responsibly and independently.
Parenting experts say the following tasks are already doable for toddlers:
– Cleaning their own mess
– Choosing what clothes to wear
– Picking up their toys
– Using the toilet on their own

Consider hiring a maid to maintain the tidy household environment. Eden Grace Maid Agency Singapore offers manpower help that can carry out the family’s daily organizing and household chores routines. We wouldn’t have to worry about our household chores when we have someone trained and taught to take care of our household burdens.


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