Infant Care Singapore | Baby’s Speech Development and How Nanny in Singapore can Help

The baby’s coos, babbles, gurgles, and cry may mean nothing to you and your infant care helper. When we hear such sounds from the baby, the proper thing to do is to respond! These sounds are forms of dialogue and need responses from the nanny in Singapore.
Here are some tips from Eden Grace Maid Agency Singapore on teaching the baby how to talk and why a dialogue is important even just for toddlers!


Here are ways to teach your baby how to talk:


1. Respond to cries
Crying is a way of communication for babies and she may be hungry and sick when she’s crying! Let the Indonesian maid or Filipino maid talk to the baby when she or he is crying. This gives the baby an idea that her parent and the live-in nanny hear him out. This encourages him to express himself more through cries, gurgles, and even laughter!


2. Read with your baby
She might not completely understand but children story books are made colorful and child-friendly for the baby to learn visually. The baby’s vocabulary will expand especially when the nanny is reading the story out loud. All it takes is a little creativity from the live-in Filipino maid or live-in Indonesian maid.


3. Talk about it.
Talk about anything you are about to do. In every action the baby sees, the Filipino maid or Indo maid must express it with a ‘word’. Is the baby pointing at the coffee cup this morning? Tell her “it’s a cup”. Repeat the main word “cup” and you can also tell the baby it’s for “coffee”. The thought of talking to your baby may sound hilarious but it’s a huge part of helping them develop their speech.


4. Don’t give up.
Toddlers may not immediately respond and sometimes your effort feels wasted. The Filipino maid or Indo maid must not stop talking altogether! Your baby is learning. She can’t put it into words yet but when she gargles and mumbles, she was trying to say something. At the moment, just let her exercise her listening ability. She can do it!

5. Encourage speech.
The baby’s “banana” may not clearly sound like a “banana” but the Indonesian maid or Filipino maid must still commend or applaud it. In fact, the baby’s littlest attempt to respond or talk verbally deserves a clap from the nanny. Doing this encourages more words from him or her.


6. Be noisy during play time.
Every child wants to play. Make the most of his or her playtime by letting her have a playmate! Her neighbor friend or Indo nanny or Filipino nanny can be a huge help to the development of her speech. Simulation through dolls and stuff toys can also aid in developing her verbal skills as she becomes a toddler.


We wish you and your baby a happy playing time. Share these tips with your nanny in Singapore!
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