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History of Northern Part of Indonesia

The people from the Northern part of Indonesia, they are ethics group with unique culture. With generation of mixed races like Dutch, Chinese, Portuguese, Indian and many others, making the local population very special indeed. Additional Influence comes from the not far away Philippines.

The Personality

Many may have Dutch names and some look mix like Chinese and others look more Latino than East Asian with Dark skin, curly hair, brown eyes.

The Lifestyle

As most Christians, going to church has become part of their lifestyle.
Indonesia is a city well known for tourist with more than thousand of beautiful Islands around. Therefore, most household use washing machines, fridge and other electronic appliances.

The Character

They are simple, easy going, sympathetic and submissive. They are well known for being hardworking.

The Religion

Predominantly they are Christian, with Protestant being the majority and a sizeable number of Catholic, Adventist, Pentecostals, and other Christian denominations. In fact, it has part of Northern Indonesia with most churches per inhabitants and would certainly rank in the top ten on a world chart. In a 1km radius of you could have at least 20 churches, but two mosques. The remaining 20% of the population are Muslim.
Since they predominant Christians, most people own dialect. They pick up fast when they are given opportunities to speak English or any other languages.

Indonesian Christian Maids

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