Impact of Television (TV) on Young Children


Television is an unavoidable part of modern culture. It is a great way to inform, educate and inspire many people in different ways.


Some parents buy videos that they think can make their kids smarter. But how does watching TV really affect young children? We as parents have come to think that screen time is bad for our kids. However, TV is not all that bad as long as you select a good program to watch, most importantly with proper guidance of parents.


Good Effects


1. TV is Good Family Bonding Time
– Watching TV is an opportunity to bond, to laugh and to build inside jokes with your family. This could also get a chance for you to share about your day and activities.


2. TV is Educational
– Watching educational and non-violent shows teach your children about lot of things such as letters numbers and even about wildlife that will help them to understand and appreciate nature and the natural world. Television can teach children important values and life lessons.

3. TV is Entertaining
– Watching TV can be a good source of entertainment that can gives benefits to our children. It allows them to stay connected with the world, about countries, cultures and provide them with variety of series, comedies, sports or game shows.


Bad Effects


1. TV is Distracting
– Watching TV could be a distraction as it can divert your children from activities that help in the development of their brain. It can distract them from doing important tasks, interfere with schoolwork time and hurt their school performance. Sometimes, they refuse to do other chores at home when they are watching TV.


2. TV is Addicting
– Watching screens for long periods of time can lead to difficulties falling asleep, disturbed sleep patterns, affect their learning and cognitive abilities and other health issues. Too much exposure to screen can lead to poor vision and lack of physical activities. As child grows, the addiction to TV becomes even more serious.


3. TV Commercials Influences their Demands
– TV is a big influence on people especially to children. Kids who watch too much TV are likely to demand more toys or other products. They are not in the least aware of their persuasive intent of it.


4. TV leads to Risky Behaviors
– Some characters on TV shows or movies often show risky behaviors like drinking alcohol, using drugs, smoking cigarettes and sexual practices. When these things seem acceptable, children might be tempted to try these.

It is important to consider that TV is not always bad for your children, and instead think on how much it has improved the world, by helping people enhance their lives. Television can provide us a lot of knowledge, both good and bad.


Television is an important source of entertainment and relaxation for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a great show to watch or just want to stay connected with the current event in our environment. Nothing can be more wonderful than chilling at home and seeing different people, culture and places around the world.

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