How to Lessen Mess While Cooking

You may have heard of the saying, “The messiest cooks often make the most delicious food.” However, better chefs want their kitchen to be as clean as possible even during cooking time without, of course, compromising the taste of the output dish. No matter how hard we try to clean as we go, there will still be a clutter of wrappers and scraps left on the kitchen counter. The same goes for Indonesian maids | Filipino maids | Myanmar maids who are novice in cooking Chinese food. Kitchen clutter is almost impossible to get rid for them.


Having less mess after cooking, will save much time in cleaning afterwards. Eden Grace Maid Agency Singapore wants to share these tips on how to have a cleaner environment while cooking:


1. Start with a clean kitchen and an empty sink.
Once your Indonesian maid | Filipino maid | Myanmar maid started the cooking with a clean kitchen counter, she will more likely choose to keep it that way. She also needs to wash all dirty dishes beforehand so she’ll have more room to work.


2. Use a garbage bowl.
This unappreciated kitchen tool is the key for a cleaner cooking environment. It is not just useful for you but for your Indonesian maid | Filipino maid | Myanmar maid. They need something to toss their scraps into while preparing dinner for your family! A garbage bowl saves the maid from crossing the kitchen to reach the compost bin or the garbage can just to throw the potato peelings. The bowl is just within reach throughout the cooking time!


3. Splatter screen works fine.
Splatters on the stove is inevitable. That is why we need something to protect the stove from oil that accidentally spills out from the pot or pan. The maid can use this mesh screen and it truly works in trapping the oil from ending up all over the kitchen.


4. Make a funnel out of an envelope.
– Get a small envelope
– Cut off one corner on the bottom of the envelope
– The little hole will serve as the second opening of the funnel
– Form the envelope into a cone
– Make the pouring of flour and transferring of grains and beans easier with this DIY funnel!

5. Make dishcloths and towel available always.
When crumbs fall, immediately wipe it out with a standby cloth on the kitchen counter. Suggest to your maid to put a towel in the apron pocket for the drying of hands to be easier. It can also be a handy aid when the maid starts lifting a hot pot or touching hot pans.


6. Make a spoon jar.
One spoon is for one specific ingredient. The spoon we used for the peanut butter can’t be used in scooping sugar. For a more organized cooking, the Indonesian maid | Filipino maid | Myanmar maid can prepare a spoon jar. To do this, she needs to fill a jar with warm water to put all kinds of measuring spoons that are about to be used in cooking.


7. Pick it up immediately.
You probably know what we mean when we say that the ingredients that fell on the floor will immediately get dry and stick on the tiles for a minute or so. That will make the floor harder to clean for the Indonesian maid | Filipino maid | Myanmar maid. Tell the maid to pick up the fallen pasta from the floor as soon as possible. Right away! It saves a lot of cleaning later.


With these tips, we wish you a happy and efficient cooking time!


Consider hiring an Indonesian maid | Filipino maid | Myanmar maid to maintain the tidy household environment. Eden Grace Maid Agency Singapore offers manpower help that can carry out the family’s daily organizing and household chores routines. We wouldn’t have to worry about our household chores when we have someone trained and taught to take care of our household burdens.
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