How to Healthily Bond with Baby

Every parent rejoices in bonding with their infants. As a mom or dad, we always delight of making physical contact with the new member of the family because this is a way of making a deep physical connection with the infant. This kind of closeness is a good way of making an emotional connection with the child.


Bonding affects greatly to the emotional and physical growth for the baby. Establishing such affection establishes the unique connection between the baby and the parent. Children long for the caress of adults while they are young. We can even consider it as a biological need for them.


Cradling is one of the best ways to begin bonding. It is a skin-to-skin technique that moms and dads can do for the child. By carefully cradling your baby, supporting his back and neck while gently stroking him or her in different patterns, you are contributing to his or her physical and emotional growth.

There are still cases of premature birth and babies with medical problems. Infant massage is another way to bond with the child and this may help your newborn respond, grow and develop. We can research for the appropriate types of massage for our babies. If we are too conscious and careful, we may consult our doctors and nurses for the proper steps to do an infant massage. However, babies, especially newborns, are still too fragile. Strong massage that may cause bone problems or unhealthy outcomes should be prohibited. The key is we have to be gentle and consider the frail body of the infant.


Another way to bond with the baby is the usage of vocal sounds. Babies develop senses on their early stages and hearing sounds is one of the best ways of his or her development. Infants are fond of listening to your singing, babbling, talking and cooing, and even listening to music of soft genres. This is why you should consider rattles and toys that make sound when played to stimulate your child’s hearing. Moms and dads should also try reading stories, reciting poems, nursery rhymes to your babies!


Babies are sensitive so too much light, sound, touch may make him or her be irritated easily. Too much of these may cause her to cry easily, sleep less than normal, or turn their faces away when someone speaks to them or sings for them. Moderate these, therefore, and keep noises low, lights dim or avoid being too touchy.

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