How to Handle a Newborn

After a long nine months of waiting and preparation for the member of the family to come, parents are too excited to start the life with a new baby. However, we still need to keep track of the activities we practice as a parent and as a nanny. Babies can be too fragile and it takes proper precautions to even carry or embrace a child. Let’s take a look at the steps we need to follow when handling a little baby.


Clean your hands
Babies’ immune system isn’t as strong as the adults! They are more prone to infection and diseases. As moms who holds them most of the days, we have to thoroughly wash our hands or use a hand sanitizer before holding our newborn.

Support the baby’s head and neck
Newborns don’t know how to balance. It is important to support the baby’s neck and head with your arms or hands when cradling. Remember his fragile neck when carrying him upright or laying him down to bed. Also, support his back while you carry him.


Don’t shake your baby.
There are times when we want to wake our baby up. In this times, we can’t just vigorously shake our infant. Too much shaking of the child can lead to bleeding or even death. There are other means of waking a child, such as tickling his feet or blowing his cheeks. Our tips to the moms is that they always have to be gentle with waking a child.


Securely fasten your baby.
It’s good to put your little one on his stroller, carrier, or car seat. This will help him develop a sense of balance. However, we must remember the belts of straps we need to securely fasten when we’re not holding them. They usually learn to sit in their 4th to 7th months. We should be ready to catch them during these or keep an eye on them before they even fall. Also, let us make sure that a baby is comfortable when fastened, not too tight or too loose.


No rough plays for babies!
Very young infants are not ready for rough plays. We might get too excited while playing with them. Throwing a baby in the air or jiggling him on the knee should be prohibited. There are other ways of making a baby smile! Play with him through safe stuff toys but not with objects which may cause him infection or wounds.

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