How to Discipline Children – Parenting Tips
Dr. Ari Brown emphasized the keys to discipline are consistency, strict abidance to the rules you’ve imposed, respect and freedom from vexation.


One of the discipline tips is to teach natural consequences to the child to let him know the necessary results when he does a bad choice. It is also important not to mind some of the attention seeking behaviors of a child because they will certainly do it again once they realize their tactic works in getting your attention. Next, we should also engage a child in doing choices due to the fact that a kid is more likely to cooperate when he is involved in a decision making process. Lastly, use time-outs! It surprisingly works when done with reasons, correctly and consistently.


Children tend to misbehave and become hard to manage as they grow towards physical and mental maturity. As guardians, we must not let our hot temper win for we are the role models of our toddlers who are imitators of our own behaviors.

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