How to Deal with Helper’s Sloppy Performance

The Filipino maid | Indonesian maid | Myanmar maid’s cleaning performance isn’t exemplary because of different reasons. It could be that she has poor time management, she has a low standard when it comes to cleanliness herself, the helper doesn’t care about how her cleaning would turn out, or she’s just a little disengaged from work.


In the initial stage of the live-in maid’s employment in Singapore, employers are advised to train them and educate them with the house rules they need to know. During this stage, we can assess the Filipino maid | Indonesian maid | Myanmar maids work performance and coach them in which part they need to improve. It also a time to correct the wrong ways of doing some household chores or looking after the children’s welfare. It is essential to point out the Filipino maid | Indonesian maid | Myanmar maid’s substandard work so it would improve more as she stays in her employer’s house in Singapore.


First, there are ways to diagnose the live-in maids substandard cleaning:
1) She only pays attention to high traffic areas but not on the spots where the eyes can’t see like under the sofa, behind the appliances, etc.
2) The Filipino maid | Indonesian maid | Myanmar maid forgets to double check her cleaning area, she often leaves cleaning supplies behind or left some spots uncleaned.
3) The house looks clean, but it still somehow smells.
4) Her chores are always half-done, but she thinks she completed it.
5) Ants are often crawling around, and other pests found their way in.


Overcoming lousy work habits and improving the housework results:
Before tackling the Filipino maid | Indonesian maid | Myanmar maid’s cleaning problems, the employer must also evaluate their perceptions. Maybe, their expectations are too high and unrealistic. In some cases, we might not notice but we’re giving the live-in maid not enough time to do their job, or maybe we’ve given them too much workload that they can’t manage. However, if you think the job scope is possible and the goal is reachable, you can consider the following steps to change the live-in maid’s performance.


1) Talk to the Filipino maid | Indonesian maid | Myanmar maid.
It could be that the live-in maid is underestimating the effects of her poor cleaning performance and haven’t thought about the family getting sick because of it. For some employers, a clean house makes them less stressed, or for others, a clean home is essential because they receive guests from time to time. The reason may vary, but the best way to achieve the standard is to communicate them to the Filipino maid | Indonesian maid | Myanmar maid.


If employers aren’t satisfied, talking to the helper privately yet tactfully will help, and ask her if any problems are hindering her from achieving employer’s desired cleanliness. Make sure to share with her why this standard is essential to you as well.

2) Give timely feedbacks.
While the Filipino maid | Indonesian maid | Myanmar maid is on the way to meeting the standard, the employer must make sure to give timely feedbacks as a way of guiding her. When giving feedback, we should define the situation we’re referring to avoid confusion. E.g. “Yesterday, you overcooked the rice…” or “The way you folded the clothes just now is neat..” Whether the feedback is negative or positive, we should always state how the behavior or performance has affected us or others. E.g., “My brother regained his appetite because of your cooking yesterday,” or “I didn’t have enough sleep, you haven’t changed the bedsheet.”


3) Make her job easier.
By this, we don’t mean turning the live-in maid to a lazy worker but removing the work hindrances the employer has total control of. For example, she’s prohibited from doing the laundry with the washing machine, so she ended up spending the weekends handwashing the family clothes instead of cleaning the house. As employers, we can just lighten her load and let her use the washing machine. We can also make the Filipino maid | Indonesian maid | Myanmar maid’s job easier by giving her watch recipes online to improve her cooking skills or by grabbing a complete set toilet and tile cleaning solution. Housekeepers depend on the employer’s supplies, and it’s a huge help if we give her the cleaning tools that she needs.


4) Let her learn from you.
If you think, your cleaning and work performance is still better, then mentor the Filipino maid | Indonesian maid | Myanmar maid as much as you can. Let her observe while you cook, tidy the things, and or bathe the baby. This way, the live-in maid would see what quality work looks like, and she will know the benefits it would bring the family. By shadowing you, she will improve her skills and reach your standard.


5) Make the live-in maid accountable.
Don’t let two or three mistakes pass without accountability. Employers may make a ‘performance agreement’ where the expectations and consequences are laid out clearly for the Filipino maid | Indonesian maid | Myanmar maid in Singapore. For example, the employer can say that the live-in maid would have to re-iron the clothes if the employer still sees some creases. Or she must clean the area on the same day if the employer didn’t find the results satisfactory. The Filipino maid | Indonesian maid | Myanmar maid must understand this agreement as soon as she starts her contract in Singapore.


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