How to Deal with a Difficult Co-Worker


Everyone has a story about a difficult coworker, but working with them is never ideal. No matter how much you like your job, it doesn’t mean that all your co-workers are a pleasure to work with. There might be someone who makes fun of you, borrows your personal stuff and never gives it back, loves to gossip behind your back, or is regularly rude or irritates you. And if you’re not careful, they could ruin your entire outlook on your job.


In small doses, this kind of behavior is tolerable. We know everyone makes mistakes or has a really bad day. But you also have a right to a peaceful work environment and a right to speak up for yourself. There are ways you can try to deal with these kinds of people in a good way, and keep your job on track and find some peace at work.


1. Learn to convey your thoughts
– If your coworker is making it difficult for you to feel comfortable at work, it may be the right time to address the situation clearly and respectfully. Talk to them privately so they know what they need to change in their behavior.


2. Stay positive
– Don’t let them burn you down. Direct your attention to what you like about your job, and focus on those you like to be around. This will help protect your mental health in the long run.


3. Avoid, if you can
– Some people do best in small doses. When you find yourself in a place where some people infect you with bullying, criticism, gossip or always wanting to be right, try to protect and distance yourself by refusing to indulge. Stay away from them as much as you can. It’s okay to limit your interactions with those who might affect your mood or work performance.

4. Don’t take it personally
– Your co-worker’s behavior is not your fault. Let it slide off your shoulders, and only intervene when it interferes with your work and life goals. Regardless of your coworker’s actions, take the high road, and avoid bringing any personal issues to work.


5. Talk to your employer
– When this person starts breaking house rules or negatively affecting your work, it may be time to raise the issue with your employers. Document this coworker’s bad behavior so you have evidence of what they have been doing.


6. Show compassion
– It is never easy to be patient and understanding with difficult people. But judging them doesn’t help either. Try to show some empathy and compassion. Let’s get to know them better. Everyone has their own issues to deal with, which may explain why they act the way they do.


Working with a difficult co-worker is never fun. Dealing with them is a delicate matter. However, it is important for your work and reputation that you do not let personal problems get in the way of your professionalism at work. Having a good working relationship is very important because you spend so much time working with them.

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