How Positive Self-Talk Can Improve Your Helper’s Life

Working in Singapore as a domestic helper comes with a lot of challenges. One of it is being away from their families which, sometimes, results in overthinking and unnecessary negative thoughts. Self-talk can be a form of negative thinking but she can turn it into a ‘positive self-talk’ too! What the Indonesian maids and Filipino maids or maids from Myanmar says to herself directly affects her as a person and as a helper.


Spend some time thinking about the words you say to yourself every day. Was it helpful for you or was it hurtful for you? The conversation we have with ourselves is powerful since it is the source of our mood and emotions. The physical body can benefit or suffer because of self-talk.


1) Improves Work Performance
Inner motivation and having the right mindset contributes much to accomplishing tasks. In all types of workplaces, including the employer’s house, positive self-talk is encouraged because it gives us a ready mind for work, thus, yielding a better work performance.


Instead of saying: “Today, I have to do the weekly laundry while looking after the naughty children. It’s impossible to do two things at the same time during weekends!”


Do a positive self-talk: “Today will be busy but my goal to keep the children safe and finish the laundry at the end of the day is achievable!”


When domestic helpers starts the work in the house of the employer, for example, the amount of household chores can be overwhelming. However, with positive self-talk, the live-in maid can change her mindset about the amount of work.


2) It makes you confident
Being confident isn’t just a must-do for public speakers. Confidence is necessary for each person’s social growth too. If the Indo maid or Filipino maid finds it hard to communicate with her employer or talk to anyone, positive self-talk can be an effective tool to overcome her shyness.


Also, if the live-in maid is confident enough, she can make quick decisions while working in the household, saving time and resources.


Instead of saying: “Should I ask my employer to help me improve my cooking? I’m shy and I don’t think I am a good cook either.”


Do a positive self-talk: “I don’t know how to cook Chinese food, but I can ask my employer to teach me. She’s a little strict but I will give it a shot!”


Remember, a lot of successful people believe in themselves and their abilities! Confidence is just believing in yourself.

3) It can prevent homesickness
Homesickness turning to depression can happen to live-in maids in Singapore. Some Indo maids or Filipino maids feel “helpless”, “alone”, and “too worried” while working as a helper. The little negative things they tell themselves seem harmless but those become the doors that lead to more serious problems like depression.


Instead of saying: “I didn’t see my family for too long and I don’t think I’ve done well so far. I want to give up.”


Do a positive self-talk: “I miss my family, but I know they need my support too. I just have to work a little longer, so my children can finish their studies.’


Adding hopeful thoughts to your positive self-talk can drastically change your outlook on life!


4) Improves your health
Stress is the number one factor that causes cancer and other cardiovascular diseases. Positive self-talk can reduce the risks of suffering from these heart problems and other diseases. By having positive conversations with herself, the Indonesian maid/Filipino maid can have a more positive outlook in life, improving her overall health.


Susanne Pedersen of Tillburg University, Netherlands, claim that positive people have lower risks of mortality. On average, humans who thinks positively may also live 10 years longer than those who think negatively.


We don’t need expensive food supplements and vitamins for long life. Positive thinking through positive self-talk will do!


With positive self-talk, the Indonesian maid / Filipino maid or Myanmar maid can improve her work performance, boost her confidence, reduce homesickness, and improve her health! We wish you a positive day with your maid.


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